A Magical Return


     On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined, no sleep till morn, when youth and pleasure meet. To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.       ~George Gordon. ~

      This inspirational passage in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron articulates a time in ones life where the night is young, there are absolutely no cares in the world, only the joy of what is before one at that magical moment in time. In our youth we possess a whimsical, endless pursuit of pure bliss. Perhaps in the twenty – first century this quote would speak about a young man or woman at their homecoming dance or Senior Prom, secretly wishing the evening would never end... those treasured hours would be frozen, saving their awe-inspiring, enraptured 'instant in time' forever. Don't you wish dogs and cats could do this....   ( I remember an evening like that when I was at a High school dance... “Summer Breeze” by the infamous Seals and Croft was playing ... I wished and prayed the night would never end, wanting to capture and keep the reverie of the moment alive forever. (Like placing its joy in a bottle and taking it out at another time to relive the monumental feeling of felicity.)  For Kit and I, this passage harks to a “T” our memorable evening in the chill of January's wintry season as we traveled with the Lord  as our guide to Connecticut...Feeling as if we put on our childhood shoes, threw all caution to the wind and held ever so tightly to His hand, believing His every word...our joy was beyond words.

      Our change in plans January 9th, 2003? (God's timing is amazing and quite humorous when you think about it.) There we were,  exhausted after making our Virginia haven look, ( as Billy Crystal would say), “Simply MARVELOUS!”  We sat on the cool hardwood floor trying to decide what we should have for our last dinner in our beloved Alexandria. Should it be Carl's Jr.  for extra large cheeseburgers with onion rings and fries or one last trip to Hops Bar and Grill to get the same meal for about $20.00 more! (But hey, the ambiance and home brewed beer was definitely worth it!) Suddenly and surprisingly we heard the Lords voice ever so clearly.

      “How would the two of you like to journey with Me tonight to Connecticut?"  At first, (feeling a bit reluctant as we were tired from cleaning all day) , we started to say no but magically it was as if the Lord filled up our tanks again to FULL ...not only did we surprise ourselves how quickly we answered “YES” but we started to feel such an eagerness and excitement to begin packing up and head out on the road.  We filled up the jeep with gas and decided we would stop along the way at one of our favorite places, The Cracker Barrel for dinner in Maryland. It was all set.   Wondrous dusk had arrived..the sky a pearly gray. It was our last sunset in Alexandria... our cheeks were stinging with the bitter cold winds.  We said our goodbyes to the places that God had graced our hearts with for two wondrous years. "Goodbye Doggie Park,"( The place Graham learned to socialize with his fellow comrades.)   "Adieu Evening Star," ( our meeting place with so many beloved people), and "Farewell Del Rey," (our town of many, many joys with its  dog bakery, coffee pub, Capital building in the backgroundCostco, Barnes and Nobles and the house that brought us an abundance of growth, memories and love).   By the time we entered Washington DC...  the black canvas of the sky held an incalculable potpourri of twinkling stars accompanied by a sanguine and vibrant full moon. (Yes, even the man in the moon was present with his big smile) ... making the lights of the city seem dim as the heavens were presenting quite a show this extraordinary night. “Goodbye DC. We hope to visit you again one day  but for now we thank you for all of the many memories and abundant growth that we beheld in your marvelous city."

      As you listen to this heartwarming song, (from the movie The Snowman), keep in mind a  bit of its history with Kit and I. The Lord had introduced us to this song by Kenny Loggins while celebrating all the festivities of the season. Kit surprised me with his new Christmas CD in December, somewhere between decorating our home amongst the boxes and going to see a matinée.  As we waited on the Lord all throughout December, for some reason we connected to this song....it was as if it not only tugged at our heart strings but gave us a peaceful inspiration and a joy deep within our spirits. (Though We were not quite sure WHY.) Soon it became evident as the Lord began to reveal it to us. This song perfectly describes our moonlit night driving with Jesus, feeling as if we were flying with Him in the air...across all the land, the rivers and the vast forests. Yep, snowmen fly...   not pigs thoughHe was holding us ever so tightly as we journeyed to Connecticut in faith.  It was our flight, a miraculous voyage, soaring with the Lord alone.  It was our beginning of all that God would do as we journeyed along side of Him in faith.   Kit and I shared many a joyful tear that night as we drove through the wee hours of the morning accompanied by a bounty of butterflies in our stomachs with our expectations of what our DAD would do. We truly were as little children...BELIEVING our father would and could do the impossible.

      The drive could not have been more perfect if we had placed an order to the Lord of how we would wish it to be.  The traffic was scarce...the full, luminous moon was  joined by a myriad of twinkling stars against the coal black sky...tiny wisps of white and grey clouds skirted past the bright lights of the galaxy so charismatic...The air was brisk...our heater warming our toes and faces as its comforting air blew upon our chilled bodies. We could not stop looking to our left and to our right, taking in all the ample land, rivers, tall sky scrapers of New York City, the ports mooring its many ships and the flickering lights within each cottage home nestled upon the water.  I do not know how many times we replayed this song by Kenny Loggins on our CD player  but enough times to where we knew it was the theme song of our winters travel, January 9-10, January 2004. A new year, a new home, and many a miracle to see our father create! We were certainly living in our bliss.

      Turn up your speakers, (be patient as it may take a minute to download). As you click and listen to this song, instead of a snowman holding us tightly as we flew on our voyage so ecstatically, think about it being Jesus ...See if you can feel just a little bit of what Kit and I so joyously felt that night..I still get chills to this day as I listen.


We're walking in the air
We're floating in the moonlit sky
The people far below are sleeping as we fly....

I'm holding very tight
I'm riding in the midnight blue
I'm finding I can fly so high above with you

Free as we can be,  above the the sleeping world

As Far as I can see, all is a dream

All across the world
The villages go by like dreams
The rivers and the hills
The forest and the streams

Children gaze open mouthed
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes

We're surfing in the air
We're swimming in the frozen sky
We're drifting over icy
mountains floating by

Free as we can be, above the sleeping world

As far as I can see, all is a dream.

We're walking in the air
We're dancing in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly.

      I can't tell you how wonderful it was to turn the corner and see our new and temporary abode before us. Though the drive was magical, our last hour nearing 3:00 AM had caught us yawning quite a bit. We were more than pleased at its semblance...two stories nestled close by a large field with trees and a few familiar  eateries. We felt very blessed. After checking in and getting our room key, we decided to only take up the bare essentials as the air was beyond cold, the wind swift and the only thing we wanted to do was to crawl into our cozy bed and head off to slumber land. Our upstairs room was perfect. It was warm and inviting with a king size bed, sitting area, a desk for our computer, cable TV, (thank you Jesus) and a bathtub.  James called and wished us a good nights sleep and was so happy we made it safe and sound...promising to talk to each other the next day, we said our good nights.  We were on cloud 9 as we snuggled up together and laid our heads on the pillows.  Outside, the piercing winds blew hard, the temps in the low teens, yet Graham, Kit and I were so perfectly warm and content.  Before we could finish thanking God for all He had done, we were fast asleep...dreaming dreams of our future adventures in New England.

      The sun peeked in our window, alighting itself upon us like an old  childhood friend warming our spirits. Was it already time to wake up? We tossed and turned a few times, snuggling together, (as we heard Grantham in his tranquil repose snoring away),  trying to get that sleepy feeling back but the excitement in our souls and high adrenalin won us over. We were up, getting coffee in the lobby and planning out our day by 10:00 AM.  As Kit's another home in Mysticit opened the front door, we were taken aback by the bitter cold air. Ah, it was definitely winter.  The cold, gray days with their audacious branches saying adieu to their technicolor leaves  but what replaced them were wondrous as we welcomed our suede coats, leather gloves, homemade knitted scarves and the chilly air.  We loved it but more so than us, Graham adored this new season and he couldn't wait to explore the  boundless field next to our hotel. He and Kit were out there in no time, running and playing, their breathe forming little white puffs in the air. Even though we had enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at the Cracker Barrel the night before, (Home cooking like Grandma used to make.) we were ravenous...Does being happy increase your appetite? 

      We were staying in Niantic Connecticut, a mere 15-20 minutes from Mystic and right next to the lovely New London, New London, CT a panoramic, glorious waterfront city with an abundance of historic sites. Founded in 1646, this town was graced with a bounty of unique shops, eateries, an abundance of history and culture, beaches and historic buildings dating back to the 18th century. We headed over to the McDonald's in Mystic for some more hot coffee, eggs, biscuits and hash browns....We felt as if we were truly HOME! All the people in Mystic were friendly, smiling and it brought back memories of our days in  October when we were so taken by this lovely town. (And of course you know we HAD to stop by and look at the home nestled on the river...it truly was just as beautiful glided  in it's wintry adornment as it was in the fall...perhaps even more so.)

      No matter where Kit, Graham and I would venture out to on our days of exploring,  it seemed each new road lead to a beautiful place.  Autumn in New England was breathtaking but the winter had a unique and mesmerizing beauty all of its own. We felt so blessed to experience our first New EnglanDo you see his eyes??  noI don't either...d snowfall. Bundled up  to the max,  Graham and Kit would go out first thing in the morning, (and several times during the day),  to the ample field next to our hotel. I could see Graham gallivanting through the snow and then suddenly, he completely disappeared...the white fluffy powder was so high that he would bury his face and body within the snow banks...Most definitely a Kodak moment. Trying to get him back into the room was a task for sure...  "OK, Grahammy if you come inside we will get you a cheeseburger.”

       Our agenda for the week?  First and most importantly... seek the Lord daily...asking and listening to His every word...worshiping Him and being open to what ever He told us to do. We sat down and planned out a way for our meals to be inexpensive yet healthy. (We knew we would not last with fast food every day nor could we be eating out endlessly at restaurants.) We found a wonderful gourmet market called McQuades.  It sat notably upon a hill overlooking Mystic. We found a wealth of wondrous foods we could take back to our room amongst their sensational soup and salad bar. With their to-go containers, we excitedly loaded up on delicious chowders, gourmet salads and fresh breads. Another fabulous idea from the Lord was going to a few of the eateries for happy hour. We would order a glass of wine or freshly brewed  coffee and all the yummy appetizers were free. We felt like  we were 'stealing' as we got the best 'dinners' for only the cost of a beverage. Our favorite place being  The River Walk restaurant where they served never ending buffalo wings and fresh veggies with dip along with delicious hot soups and freshly baked sourdough bread. This way we were able to get out of our little room for awhile and enjoy the ambiance of the seafaring towns. 

      While living in Alexandria, a friend of ours told us about their dear friend Barbara, who orchestrated many events in Connecticut through the churches. Excitedly she had voiced an interest in our story.  When we called her from our hotel room she invited us to her home in Stonington. Our drive over to her home in our jeep was one of those “castle in the air” moments...you know the feeling you have when you first arrive to the gates of Disneyland? There is a hint in the air of all the wondrous moments you are going to experience as you walk the streets, ride the rides that you have adored since childhood and yes, you will most likely  eat lots of “comfort foods,”  popcorn,  apple fritters and mint juleps in New Orleans square. As we drove over to her home we were charmed by the many winding country roads,  lovely estates, notable old trees and roads dusted in a magnificent white. (I Have to say that New England in the snow is one of MY  seven wonders of the world.) As we arrived to her home, it truly looked like something out of a fairy tale. Situated upon a hill, the land was   cloaked with many noteworthy trees, all blanketed in a soft white where a resplendent and inviting Chateaus greeted us. I thought I was witnessing one of Thomas Kincaids impressive cottages in his infamous award winning paintings. Barbara hugged us hello, introduced us to her family and served us delightful cups of hot tea. Though a little nervous we shared our entire story when she asked. (There was a little bit of silence in the room.) Barbara was a woman of faith but I could not help but see a little bit of “aha... OK, sure... aha”  in her eyes, especially when she asked what church we were with in our 'faith journey to Connecticut' and our reply was, “It is just us, Jesus and the wonderful support He has given us .” Our day with her was splendid and guess what? She needed a web designer for her Connecticut web site and offered Kit the job. How blessed we were to get a paycheck , not only because we needed it but  because  we knew in our hearts that it was the Lords provision...Thank you Jesus.  We met a new friend and got some work... it was definitively a start. She asked us  where the home was in  Mystic that  we were believing God for and when we told her, her eyebrows certainly did the “raising dance”. Having lived in Mystic, she knew the entire history of the house...She told us that she had not seen the inside but heard it had been remodeled from the original home. In ending, she said, “I doubt you two will be able to even get in to see the home as it is “By appointment only," and you have to be  qualified financially   before seeing it."  We hugged our goodbyes, said we would all be in touch and headed back to our hotel enjoying the beautiful ride once again through the enchanting New England  country .

      As we assessed our first week in Connecticut,  we were filled with  an abundance of HOPE as we had the peace of the Lord, we could see that  He was connecting us to some wonderful  people in Mystic and we certainly felt a since of belonging.  In Mathew 6: 23 – 34, Jesus speaks to His disciples regarding worry. We are told not to worry about tomorrow, what we shall eat, drink or wear. When we choose to trust Jesus , we enter into that wonderful place of perfect peace. This certainly was one of our challenges. We wanted to SEE Gods next move to provide an income for us, a home and  a future in our new place of abiding. Had He provided for our every need and then some this week? Absolutely. Did He tell us about what He was gong to do the next day or week? No! “Just trust me,” is what He continually said to Kit and I each day.  He reminded us in our  prayer time with Him  of  the precious words He had given to us, all of His promises concerning Mystic, the home by the water and His plans for us saying, “I have not changed. Will you stand, trust and obey?”   Our answer? "Yes Lord, we will."  So basically everyday was doing just that.  The Lord had provided through James' heart a wonderful cozy abode for our first week in New England. When the 8th day arrived and  the time for us to check out came, we were not quite sure what the Lord had in mind. We did not have the ability to stay for another week, nor even another night. We packed up our things and turned our key in. I think this particular morning will be etched upon both our hearts and minds forever. The sky was dark gray, a snow storm had just hit Niantic with fierce winds blowing  accompanied by bitter cold temps.  Kit, Graham and I sat in our jeep unsure of where to go next.(Thank you Lord for a car with a heater.)  Amidst a potpourri of many emotions,  we once again came before the Lord for His help. "OK God.. we came here in faith... We have done all that You have asked us this week and now we are asking again, What would you have us do?”  We thanked Him for James offering to fund our first week in Connecticut and were filled with appreciation at the nice place we had to stay. Now we were open to anything...we just wanted to be in Gods will and obedient.  Right about the time we began to back out of the hotel parking lot our mobile phone rang...it was James.  Trying so hard not to let on that I had been teary eyed, I shared with him that we had packed up and were asking the Lord where He would have us to go next.  I was joyfully  surprised when he replied; “Susan, I told you and Kit I would pay for your time in Connecticut up to the end of the month, so go back and get yourself another room."  WOW! How we had missed that offer, I do not know...all I know is that we were crying, thanking James, God and dancing for joy in the parking lot. (The staff at the hotel were  rejoicing a long with us as they knew we were back to stay and were dumbfounded that we were leaving in such a colossal snow storm. )  James encouraged us to go out  and get a delicious home cooked meal and relax. We would all wait and see what God would do next.  This time when checking back into the hotel, we took a downstairs room that was a replica of our first room, except this one had a microwave and tiny fridge. Now we would be able to really stock up on groceries and create a menu that would bring our eating expenses down even more.  Ah the relief that came to us as we unpacked and settled in... When I was younger I got struck by lightening once...  Some say thats the reason I am the way I am...I liken the joy we felt to this scenario... Imagine you are in the middle of  a horrific thunderstorm, lasting for days where telephone poles are down and there is no power  in the entire home...every house on your street is pitch black...  Finally, after days of living  by candle light, no TV, computers or electricity,  the day arrives where suddenly the lights flicker, the computer beeps and the sound of the fridge is humming again. "Ah thank you Lord...we are back." We took such glee and comfort knowing we had more time...more evenings and days to see what God would say or do before we would leave our temporary home.

      Sunday arrived and with many a referral, we went to a small and amiable church in downtown Mystic .The Pastor was hilarious, down to earth and had a heart of gold.  His sermon was 'right on' and we told him so as we shook hands and said our hellos as we left the church.  After the service we went to an eatery for lunch and guess who was there? The pastor and his family... (No coincidences in Jesus). We were able to share with him  a little bit of our story and he and his wife were very excited saying they believed Mystic was in a real need of a place for pastors and people in ministry to come to and  get refreshed. He gave us his number and said they would be praying for us and to keep in touch. It felt so wonderful  to begin to meet people and connect within this community.

      Our second week held many a new adventure.  Like finding gold in in the sands of a riverbank or a one in a million find at an estate sale, we discovered the historic and charming town of Noank.  Hidden on the other side of Mystic, nestled in an enchanting and quaint community right on the ocean with a divine view of Fishers Island sound, it truly took our breath away.  Walking with Graham through its streets, smelling the ocean water listening to the sound of  the gulls above, we were enamored with delight. Each home  seem to outdo the next one with its nautical charm, widows peaks, inveigling weather vanes and beguiling and manicured walkways. We were sad to leave our new discovery but promised to return as often as we could. We sauntered downtown along the streets of Mystic getting to know all the shopkeepers,  enjoying the enticing dog bakery and quaint coffee pubs. After enjoying delicious hazelnut lattes, Kit gathered a bounty of information from the Chamber of Commerce. Upon arriving to our hotel room, we joyfully “surfed the INTERNET” and continued  to explore and get to  know our new land and homestead.

      We looked forward to our trip to McQuades...the employees were beginning to know us and were so helpful and friendly. We were beginning to feel as if we were HOME. It was a breath of fresh air to be eating healthy and no longer ordering pizzas or value meals at Wendy's. Though we walked daily, I found I needed to find a way to get in some aerobic exercise. You will never guess what I discovered. One morning on the Today show, they actually displayed some exercises one can do while traveling. Taking them at their word, I found myself ,  (to the tunes of Micheal McDonald's Motown CD) , jumping up and down on our bed....yes, a new way to stay fit. Strange as it was, it did get my heart rate up and made me feel more energetic. (Kit chuckled at me as he typed away on our computer and Graham looked at me a few times with a funny look but  quickly nodded off once again to  enjoy his dreams of frolicking in the snow.)

      I think the biggest 'happening of our week' was the day we miraculous were able to visit the home on Starr RD. You know by now that nothing about what Kit and I were doing in Mystic was logical or normal . The Lord challenged us one day saying, " Are you intimidated by the sign on the front lawn that says you must be qualified to see the house?” Answering Him honestly we replied, “ Yes Lord, we are . What are we to say when we call the Realtor and they ask us questions to qualify us to view the home, knowing that in the natural we do not qualify?”  His answer... "Call in faith.” OK...  a little perspiration going on,  I called on our mobile with the confidence of my father as Kit at I were driving down a beautiful country road.  "Yes, I am calling regarding your listing on Starr Rd. in Mystic.” The agent was not there but we were assured that she would call us back  when she arrived. OK...we could handle this, yes the butterfly thing was going on in our stomachs but that was doable. Shortly after, our phone rang and it was the Realtor. She was so friendly and asked us a good time to meet her at the home...It was all set...Saturday AM at 11:00...Oh my goodness. We were beyond surprised, elated and on cloud nine.... she never even asked us  for our social security numbers,  bank records or what we did for a living. All she said was to meet her there on Saturday. If I slept at all the night before our appointment, it was a miracle...We were actually going to be able to enter and tour the home we had stood for in faith and SEE it in person....I was like a child on Christmas eve...(Kit too even if he did not admit it!)

      What to wear? What to wear?  Did we have anything in our wardrobe that said , “I am a millionaire?” We each chose our Sunday best... Susan is just so good looking!!!Kit in his black striking wool coat and I in my gorgeous suede floor length coat with fur that James had bought me years before when we moved to Virginia. We drove up to the house, (This time we had perfect freedom and delight to step and walk beyond the fence.) Graham stayed in the jeep of course,(and was on his best behavior).  As we arrived to the front door, butterflies fluttering a mile a minute within our stomachs, we met Lizzie. She was an older woman, very down to earth yet very classy..Her smile and warm eyes put out hearts at rest. As we entered the foyer, I felt as if I was in a dream. Nothing I could have imagined was as awe inspiring and beautiful as what my eyes were beholding. Lizzie began to tell us all about the history of the home. As she began to show us the downstairs, we were stunned as each breathtaking room lead into another impressive and astonishing room that outdid the one before.  A regal formal dining room, classy kitchen with an eat in dining area, a Ralph Loren decorated study with sublime taffeta curtains adorning the exquisite windows as they towered high to the 16 foot ceilings. We were in awe at the striking yet cozy and elite living room with a panoramic view of the ever mysterious Mystic River with its alluring lighthouse and commanding ships with their royal masts. This room was  graced with a gorgeous fireplace and adjoining sitting room for its many guests. Lizzie then said; “Feel free to look at the home at your own leisure.” She informed us that she had an appointment at another home in about an hours time.....Oh my gosh...we had at least 45 minutes to browse, dream, observe! We were in a state of merriment as we walked into each room, and hallway.... our mouths opened in complete euphoria . I think what touched me most is when I heard the voice of the Lord reminding me, "Susan, do you remember the book I asked you to create while you lived in Phoenix getting ready for your 'take off' to Virginia?” “Yes.”  I began thinking of all the ideas the Lord gave me for the B&B, our Kings tavern...it was my Kings tavern dream book that I created in faith, (I still have it to this day.)  As we sauntered through each room in this gorgeous home by the mystic River,  to my surprise all of its rooms looked as if they had been taken right from my dream book...the bedrooms, the formal dining area, the living room all mirroring my faith book...my heart felt like I Had entered a wonderland..my spirit meeting the spirit of God as He was the only one, (besides Kit) who had seen that book and now, every page was coming alive in this home..the home He led us to....I did not want to leave...I had so much hope and faith that EVERYTHING God had spoken was actually coming true. I must have grabbed Kit 50 times telling him over and over, "look at this room...it is just like the room in the book and look at this, etc." He too was experiencing the same emotions and reverie I was . We completely forgot about the time...Lizzie was calling from downstairs asking if we were OK. “Yes...we will be right down.” We even found a secret staircase coming from the kitchen to the bedrooms upstairs...it was like a fairytale home. The wallpaper, wood floors, decor , fire place, curtains, tiles, marble and  the entire ambiance was perfect. It was a replica of our dream home. As we began closure with our miraculous meeting, Lizzie informed us,  “The owners are selling the home 'as is' ...all the furniture goes with it.” Oh my gosh...I thought I would explode. As we walked outside , the three of us shaking hands and saying our goodbyes, Lizzie looked over at our jeep and was totally enamored with our Grantham. We let him come out of the car to say hello and he became (as always) the center of attention. She gave us her card and said to call her in the next few days as she had another party of interest. (A family living in England who wanted to buy the house for a summer get-a-way. ) I do not even need to tell you that we were walking around on cloud 9 for days.....thank you Jesus for letting us in to see this exquisite home. I wanted to call Barbara right away to tell her that her proclamation that we would never get in to see the glorious house on the river was not true and  that the Lord made a way for us in faith and in His grace to see it...But in our joy and celebration decided it could wait! Thank You Jesus for this gift...your reminders and your HOPE... I do not remember when we came down from our 7th heaven....we reveled in our joy for quite some time.

      Nearing the end of our second week and coming close to the end of of January, we continued to seek the Lord, explore our new land and wait upon His every word.  Again, He reminded us of His many precious promises  saying;  “All was well, yes we were in His will, He was preforming all that He had promised and that we would indeed SEE all that He had told us.” Did we wish we could see more in the natural of what we were to do? YES... I think all of those who were supporting us were hoping to see more as well...every ones faith was being challenged. I think we all possessed the faith that God could and would do anything He desired to bring about this miracle. He just was not saying HOW or revealing any details.   We asked the Lord if we were to apply for jobs?  Look for an  apartment?  We knew that those who were helping us financially could not continue doing so  indefinitely. We placed every possibility before God, not wanting to step out of His will, defer to our natural minds as our hearts  desired to stay in the spirit and just listen, hear and obey Him.  His answers in the spirit were enough for each day and each night. Every day to us was a new page of possibility of what God could or would do...We had His peace...He was up to something, we just did not know yet what it was.

      Kit and I were taken aback one morning in our prayer time with the Lord. He kept leading us to a scripture that was  quite alarming as well as a strict  warning. It was a story in the bible of a woman who came to tempt His children to venture off of their path in faith...it was all a plan of deception from the enemy...The warning, "Do not fall into this trap."  We were a bit curious of what the Lord was saying... But the day came where we knew and heard loud and clear exactly what He was telling us.

     We were all snug in our room... outside an endless bounty of snow was  falling as the sun was bowing out for the day .  Graham had thoroughly enjoyed his bout of frolicking and Kit was ready to take off his wet clothes and get warm by our heater... Our delicious homemade soup from McQuades was heating up in the microwave and I placed a fresh sub sandwich from McQuades deli on our plates, ready for sharing.  Our Vanilla scented candle flickered in the corner, our favorite TV show  was about ready to begin... we were settling in for our 'long winters night'...Suddenly the phone in our hotel rang. It was William, one of our friends from our Washington DC News Company days.

     It was wonderful hearing his voice again...chat and catch up on how everyone was doing. We were comforted by the interest and prayers as we heard everyone knew we had made our journey to Connecticut in faith and were 'cheering us on'. What happened next blew our socks off as William shared the latest news.National Press Building...

      “Susan and Kit , this morning during our worship time I was told to contact you and offer you your jobs back here at the News Company. Is there any possibility that you two would consider coming back?”

      Now you have to know that kit and I were astonished, flabbergasted and in complete shock at this news.  I will not deny that we both felt a little flattered and in a way 'tempted, ' as those old paychecks were looking pretty good right about now...We asked ourselves if in any way it could be possible that our returning to DC would fit in with Gods plans regarding   our call to Connecticut?

      William Went on to say that the owner of the company announced that perhaps she was too hasty in letting us go... and that because things were 'not going very well in her company,' maybe she had made a mistake in her decisions that Friday in September.

     WOW! It then dawned on us as reality broke through  our trance of surprise, why would we want to go back to a place that the Lord delivered us from, especially if nothing had changed? Then it came to us even more clearly the warning God had given us... the warning about the woman who would tempt us to get off the path of the Lord....WOW again! With Gods assurance in our hearts our answer was"No way Jose."

      In my minds eye... I adoringly see all the people that the Lord had given us along our journey as august and brilliant moorings...a safe harbor to rest upon and secure our anchor. Kit and I always knew each person was there for us...no questions asked...standing beside us through thick and thin. Each one praying, encouraging and sharing when they felt the Lord put something upon their hearts. We were more than abundantly blessed as each mooring the Lord bestowed to us as we sailed upon the waters of our adventure in faith, were the cream of the crop. Thank you Jesus! The Lord did not have to give us anyone to help us along the way but He did and we were filled with abundant gratitude every day. There came a time towards the end of this month that we lost one of those precious moorings. To say it broke our hearts would be only a portion of how we felt as never had we imagined that this division would or even could occur. Could we have done anything different? In hind site perhaps but in our hearts we accepted all of the help  given to us , whether financial, prayer coverage, words from God or the gift of encouragement  as from the Lord. Kit and I never in a million years would have dreamed of ever offending a soul or to bring forth an open door for division...Our friends and family were everything to us.  Feeling quite alone, our hearts saddened by the lost mooring and not knowing anything to do but push into the Lord even more intensely...we placed it all before Him. The cold gale winds blowing outside only mimicked our dismay...Have you ever been in that place that the only rescue possible on every level, (emotionally, physically and spiritually), HAS TO BE GOD HIMSELF or you will most assuredly give in to your emotions of despair, doubt and sadness?    (I believe  my favorite gospel singer Bebe Winnans calls it 'The Midnight Hour.') That was Kit and I this wintry January evening.

      A few hours into this dark and  stormy evening, feeling crippled with feelings of despair, hurt and sadness, Kit and I cried out to the Lord...Then, (what I consider to be a complete miracle), the Lord came to us in the midst of our hotel  room  and what happened next took me by complete surprise... God took away  that horrible  pain, despair, doubt and fear...He then granted us a divine peace and courage to stand, trust Him at a greater level and to walk forward in His grace and power. Would we continue to trust Him and obey, (not leaning to our own understanding) no matter what? YES....We trusted the Lord with the lost mooring and only because of His voice and assurance, DID WE TRULY KNOW  that  He held us all in His hands and would one day bring His healing. 


      Thank You Lord that YOU CAUSE EVERYTHING TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD for those who love You and  are called according to Your purpose. Thank You Lord for your supernatural power and grace over the emotions the enemy would try to use to hinder us...and thank You for Your HEALING!  BECAUSE of His peace, Kit and I were able to lay our heads upon our pillows... filled with  security and a hope that God would make all things right in His time....we nodded off to slumber land, trusting God for the next day! 








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