An Unexpected Turn in the Road

An Unexpected Turn in the Road!

      As Kit and I sat within Mystic's cozy McDonald's eatery amidst our endless cups of coffee, watching all the befuddled, early morning risers come and go since the pristine hour of seven o'clock, we called both my brother Patrick and our friend Margo on our mobile phone. (Two of our precious moorings.) As we shared with them about Tina and her husband Mark's gracious invitation, both of them felt a peace from God for us to accept the invite and head south. Even though we talked to each of them separately, they both had the same thought. In a nut shell, this is what Margo and Pat were thinking. 'Many a time the Lord asks us to experience what we ourselves will be ministering to others. Because you and Kit will be hosting a home to bring forth refreshing, pampering and healing to others, perhaps this is an ordained time for you to go and receive the same ministry  from Tina and her family as their home has been many a respite for Christians in ministry. This will be a wonderful time for you and Kit to take a BREATHE and enjoy a wondrous time of repose.'


       Kit and I talked it over with the Lord. After getting a very loud YES, we made our phone call to Tina in faith to RSVP. It was decided that we would stay one more night in our beloved Connecticut, enjoy hot showers, order a pizza, (Yeah Lord), and get an abundance of sleep, (to make up for the night before). We would leave for the “ much heard about,” magical city of Milford Delaware the next morning.

      To try and convey what it was like to receive such a gift from Tina and Mark via the Western Union office and then drive to our hotel and have 21 blissful hours to get snug and warm, relax, have some comfort food, watch a movie, sleep, shower and get ready to meet this new family we would be staying with, is not an easy task. Perhaps if I tell you we cried, praised God over and over and then cried tears of thankfulness and joy again, you can get a glimpse of our hearts this February day. Being completely dependent on God to supply our every need and then see all of His creative ways to meet them, blessed us beyond words. We traveled to Branford Connecticut as it was about 40 minutes closer to Delaware, (giving us a head start on our drive the next morning). The hotel was so kind to allow us to check into our room a little early at 2:00 PM.  We had an incredable  afternoon and evening...enjoying every minute of our little 'one room abode.' At the same time though, we were feeling a bit of nostalgia in saying goodbye to our “hotel life” as soon we would be in a new home with fellow Christians enjoying a time of rest...( A brand new experience lied ahead of us.) Thank You Jesus for your faithfulness and love to us. Thank you Tina and Mark for your obedience to the Lord and wonderful invitation …though we don't really know you, our hearts are filled with a soothing peace to come to your home … we believe that the Lord is bringing our two families together.

 Roses on a hill in Mystic, CT     We were showered, dressed, packed and ready for our 6 hour journey to Milford. It was a beautiful, sunny wintry day. As we began our travels, we said our goodbyes to Connecticut once again...not knowing when we would be back. We would truly miss the smell of the salt water and brine, the sounds of the sea breathing, the gulls laughter, and the haunting fog over the mysterious Mystic River...Only the Lord understood the knitting of our hearts to this sea faring community for it was He Himself who had intertwined each stitch upon our hearts...He was the author of our entire love affair with New England's enchanting charm. Sighing, smiling, even shedding a tear or two, we said; “GOODBYE and we hope we see you again, very soon.”

      In the midst of our calm and soothing journey to Milford, (something I knew we could not avoid as Delaware is surrounded by water), we arrived to “THE BRIDGE!” As we began our upward climb, (my eyes shut tight with the butterflies in my stomach fluttering rapidly), the phone rang. I quickly opened my eyes to get the mobile and saw it was Tina...With my eyes shut tight once again, I said “Hello.”

      “Hi Susan. Where are you and Kit right now on your traverse to Milford.”

      “All I know is that we are on a huge bridge. That is all I can tell you at the moment ...If you want to wait until we get tot he bottom of the bridge and my eyes are open, I can tell you what the signs say.” I replied , feeling a little embarrassed.

      I could picture her smiling as I heard her laugh when she replied. “OK...I know now exactly where you are at... I just wanted to tell you and Kit to come hungry ...we will all have  a nice dinner together this evening when you arrive...should be about 6:00 PM."

      Wow, a home cooked meal...we were so excited!  And, we would have arrived exactly on time if Map Quest had not posted such confusing and inaccurate directions. (I hate it when that happens.) Graciously they held dinner for us as we traipsed in around 7:30 PM. Kit and I were taken aback by their beautiful Nantucket – Colonial style home, nestled upon an acre of land with lush, sylvan woods creating a charming backdrop bringing forth a comforting and warm vision that looked like one of Thomas Kincaids august and inviting paintings.


      It is just like Jesus to bring comfort where there is awkwardness, peace where there is apprehension and unity where there are gaps within our human nature...I mean, think about it. Kit and I arrived with all of our sojourning belongings, accompanied by a colossal 130 pound furry dog, no money, traveling daily in our walk of faith with the Lord and there they were...a cordial and gracious family greeting us saying, “Welcome...our home is your home.” Every member of Tina’s family embraced us with loving hearts and open arms...OK, there was one member, (Melissa), who took a little longer to warm up as she was very protective of her clan (Which is a very noteworthy trait to possess.)

      “Mom, how can you let this couple stay here? You don't even know them...they are coming in off the street?” Tina assured her beautiful  twenty-something daughter that her invitation to us was by faith and that she was quite sure that we were not criminals or members of a strange cult. Within days, Melissa had warmed up to Kit, Graham and I as  did both of their adorable and fetching, (no pun intended), dogs Kisses and McPherson.  After a delicious dinner of spaghetti, hot bread, garden salad and scrumptious dessert, our constant yawns were the only reason we all retired to bed as we had fully enjoyed chatting for hours, getting to  know one another. Our room was cozy and warm. Kit and I thanked God as we got into bed that night for His boundless love, grace, our new family and a room that was not going to cost us $55.00 each night.


      Kit and I knew we were going to be the best of friends when we woke up the next morning and breathed in the aroma of freshly brewed robust coffee... There magically on the kitchen counter were flavored Creamers....Oh my goodness...did they know how to live or what? Every day with this family excelled the day before with a bounty of smiles, laughter and warmth.   Dinner time was magical ...we all gathered around a charming and  cozy dining table, sharing delicious food and animated conversations, all of us hating for our evenings to end. Kit and Mark hit it off right away and I felt like Tina and Melissa were my long lost sisters. Carter was like our little energetic and fun loving chatter box,  always  sharing stories about his day, what games he loved and his passion for photography.

      Even though it was winter, our favorite gathering place became their beloved screened in porch. ( A charming, safe haven that exuded the very meaning of the word COMFORT.) This tranquil and engaging veranda became a landmark for Kit, Tina and I on many a chilly, star filled evening and crisp, pearly gray morning. Despite the cold temps, we shared endless cups of coffee together as well as wondrous hours   of  worship, prayer and an abundance of 'glory stories' of all that the Lord had done within in our lives.  The three cord bond in the spirit that the Lord gave Tina, Kit and I was something so dear and cherished, something very new to Kit and I.   


                            *** February 11th, 2004 journal entry

      "Dear Jesus, thank you so much for bringing us to Milford, to this beautiful home and this wondrous family. Lord what is on your heart today? Please allow me to hear your precious voice.”

      “Little lamb...Be fortified by Me. REST...Come to the quiet of my hillside. Enjoy the rest unto your souls. Your souls are being made new, filled anew... come and enjoy. Rest awhile. I will lead you by the still waters. Take and eat..Be fortified in Me and through me. I AM at rest...I AM rest! .

      “Thank You Lord for this respite..repose and time of refreshing! Thank you for this wonderful new family.”


      Not only did Kit and I feel loved, accepted , pampered and blessed but we began to see areas of new growth within. Tina was a woman unlike anyone we had ever met or known. She loved Jesus with every fiber of her being and the anointing upon her from the Lord made everyone who was around her feel warmth , love , a quiet joy and bountiful HOPE. She was also very funny, nurturing and whenever she would pray, “things happened.” Her love for Jesus amazed me, giving me the desire to grow in the spirit and possess more of what she had within her.  She had more friends than anyone I had ever known and soon, many of those amazing people were opening their hearts to us as well. We were in 7th heaven. We surprised ourselves as for many weeks, we had not given our beloved Mystic another thought. Staying with this family was like receiving a big, beautiful box. The box is so resplendent that you do not want to unwrap it but instead , keep it in the corner of your room to admire and take in its exquisiteness... but you finally do open it  and within that box is another box, even more enticing ...and within that one, is another. The gifts never stopped coming. Staying with them in their cozy colonial, pulchritudinous home, every day was a new box of love and joy to open...Thank You Lord as only You know how to give us, your kids, the perfect gifts.

 garden with flowers     Tina’s favorite time of the year was spring. Her backyard was quite magical with its wondrous view of the woods accompanied by a lovely garden.  As each day passed, her garden transformed into a magnificent showcase of every kind of flower you can imagine, only made more beautiful by the potpourri of trees and shrubs that came alive with all the colors of the rainbow. Our porch times were becoming more and more precious...Not only did we have a Technicolor view, beautiful sunshine and warmer temps but we still had our superb coffee, always a sweet treat to snack on and our talks were becoming more intimate and blessed as God continued  knitting our hearts together. He was sharing His presence with us all daily...We would laugh, cry, and laugh some more in awe of the closeness God had given us in such a short time. Melissa, Kit and I had become dear friends as well. We could hardly wait for her to arrive home in the evenings aBoardwalks she would share with such animation, tales of her adventures with her boyfriend as well as the 'drama ~drama~ drama' stories happening at her work place. Mark and Kit enjoyed doing all the 'guy things' that men like to do together on the weekends and always, little Carter was a delight,  making us laugh, smile and feel the comfort and memories of being a young teen once again. For our Kit, Susan and Grahammy get-a-way times, we drove over to the renowned city of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach... all within a half hours drive. We loved to walk downtown , stop for a latte at the coffee pub and enjoy the notable ships at the harbor, the infamous Boardwalk, the historic light houses and enchanting cottage style homes on the water. Delaware was certainly a breathtaking state.

      Tina and Mark cared for  us  in a manner that made us feel  like we were royalty. I was so humbled at all they did for us...treating me to a hair cut, highlights and allowing me to  get my nails done. (All so pampering and luxurious.)  Tina even surprised me with  some new spring clothes... Knowing we did not have much money coming in, they constantly blessed us with delicious meals, Chinese take out, pizza and were always asking if we needed anything. They believed in their hearts that the Lord had called us to their home for a season of rest and that  sharing their home and blessing their guests  was their ministry. Sound familiar? Now I have to  tell you that Kit and I had really struggled at times to RECEIVE...Yes, it was a battle  to just rest and receive. (No struggles for Graham as he thinks he is a KING and being served is second nature to him.)  We kept wanting to do for them and instead, they kept flowering us with love. One day Tina told me that even though Kit and I were not adding financially to their home, we brought with us a great gift of HELPS to her family. She felt the Lord had sent us to her house to help her family in the spirit...that the anointing the Lord had placed upon us brought comfort, healing and love to her entire household. That blew Kit and I away as we did not feel we were doing anything. ...We took great joy in helping with cleaning and cooking, (when they would allow as being the Tabasco lover I am, I tend to create very spicy cuisine and forget others do not like to go about with burning tongues.) Kit helped  Mark whenever  he needed an extra hand around the yard but Tina explained to us that  the real help we brought was 'help in the spirit.' This was all new to us... We thanked God for His anointing and for showing us what He had placed upon us to help others...It was all of HIM...we were just the vessels He was using.   

      God was teaching us so humbly say thank you, receive and rest. Who would have thought that would be a trial within itself...God opened our eyes revealing that many of the people He would  one day bring to Kings Tavern would have the  very same struggles....receiving and resting! We recalled what Pat and Margo had said... "You will experience the very gifts and ministry that you both will one day be giving out yourselves.” WOW!  We were touched, blessed and so very grateful to the Lord .



                         ***Journal entry, March 11, 2004

       “Lord, thank you for the dream I believe You gave me last night. There I was on an exquisite dance floor... I was dressed so beautifully, looking and feeling so elegant and graceful. Suddenly Clark Gable arrived, dressed very chic and quite dapper…Out of all the women in the ballroom, he chose me. He wanted to teach me how to I looked down at my feet, I had these resplendent sparkling gold slippers on. I woke up feeling giddy, loved and smiling. Lord. Can you tell me what it was all about?”

      “Little lamb, I have called you and Kit out...I have chosen you for this journey ... You are handpicked by Me...You are beautiful in my eyes..royalty... I have dressed you and equipped you for this call...You and Kit will see my glory and many wonders...Rejoice in all that  I am doing.”

      “ Thank you Lord for all the creative ways you “talk to us”..whether by dreams, visions, Rhema words from your heart or the revelation of your written word...Kit and I feel so blessed and SAFE with all that you are giving us a long the way.”

      To be able to share with you more of the joy we experienced in  this Historic city of Milford with all of its quaint old estates and beauty, I have to introduce you to a few more of this towns extraordinary and anomalous characters. Not only did they all accept us with loving arms as Tina introduced us to them but they all became our dear friends and family as well!

      First there was Dustin   and Danielle..Now, this couple looked as if they had just steeped off a private jet returning from Paris...Regal, refined and down right gorgeous. Not only did they love Jesus with all of their hearts but His love exuded from their very beings. We felt so connected the very first night we met and  hugged  them. Next was another couple, Sam and Dina...they encumbered the word “Welcome and Home.” Like two cuddly teddy bears, (though one was  a little gruff), they made us feel so cozy inside, like we were just given a big bear hug. They too, took Kit and I in as if we were  their long lost kin. Tina's pastor Vito, another very important figure in our lives, was not only a breath of fresh air in the spirit but his ministry would soon challenge us as well as 'change our lives' for many years to come. He too made us feel a part of the gang and accepted fully.

      Every week was awesomely blessed as we gathered together with our new friends for bible studies, times of worship, great food, fellowship and many a  ladies  luncheon and birthday celebrations.  God gave us a ready made family that fit our lives to a “T”. We also got to see Annie and our friend Clarissa from DC while staying with Tina...Her home was like a smorgasbord of spirit filled Christians and we could never get our plates filled  high enough!

 Mother Rabbit and her bunnies     Spring had arrived and was in its glory...April was absolutely gorgeous in Delaware. Our hearts were filled with gratitude and awe. The Lord began to stir up our souls once again, igniting those places that were longing and yearning deep within us for our beloved Mystic...the river, quaint town, seafaring life and the very call He had placed upon our hearts.  It would be very hard to leave our new found family but we knew the Lord was not telling us to stay in Milford and settle...He kept telling us that we were going home.

      Amidst our wondrous days with our Milford family, in our spirits the Lord was doing many a new thing... He often gave us visions, vivid dreams and Rhema words from His heart. As I recall all of these special moments and gifts from the lord my heart is brimming with such an awe and joy as I am reminded of just how very detailed and personal the Lord is in the lives of His kids.

       There are so many wonderful words Tina gave to Kit and I during our respite are a few that still to this day bless me so as I see how the Lord used this beautiful vessel, Tina,  to uplift and edify Kit and I in a time in our life where we were holding on in faith to the calling upon our lives .

      One morning while praying for us Tina spoke;

      “Kit the Lord is telling me that He sees you as a proven vessel of Himself. He is going to visit you in the night seasons.... I see the Lord showing me Kit that you are entering a new realm of the spirit ...your faith is pure and you will see miraculous happenings.”

      “ Susan and Kit, I also see the Lord showing me that you are likened to race horses standing ready at the gate...just waiting for the the Flag to drop so you can are ready for what is ahead."

      “Susan, the Lord is telling me to place my hands upon you and proclaim what He is showing me in the spirit."   As Tina placed her hands on my upper stomach and began to speak, I felt such an anointing of the presence of much excitement and peace. “Susan, The Lord says that He is now bringing forth in the spirit the call that He has placed upon your lives...It is now coming forth, it is being birthed.” (Of course the tears were flowing by this time as the words were ministering to a deep place withing me.)  Tina went on to say, “It is now done, completed in the spiritual realm.”  To  better understand the joy I felt that day in my spirit, I visualize  and see ( as I am sure we all can) that a  promise from God is likened to having  a baby. There is a time of conception, then nurturing, praying, standing in faith and BELIEVING that in due time, what you have trusted and relied upon the Lord for,(a glorious miracle), will indeed come into fruition...Though I did not hold in the natural that day, our Home, our precious promise from the Lord...I did enter into a new joy ... a marvelous assurance from God that indeed, "our baby" had come forth in the spirit ... (A thousand years to the Lord is as a day and a day unto the Lord, as a thousand years. )  Still unsure of His time to bring it forth into the 'natural realm,' I knew that memorable Spring day at Tina's home that our promise was a done deal.        

      We thanked God for such a wonderful new friend.  We were so touched by all the  time Tina spent with us as well as  for all of her prayers and ministry to us. Our days were beginning to be filled with more precious times in the spirit...days where Kit and I would close our door and seek the Lord...He was speaking to us nonstop and we were taking it all in like a cold glass of water after a long, long run... We listened to Kimberly and Alberto Rivera as many hours as we could, their worship music drawing us directly to the throne room of the Lord. As you listen to this song, imagine two dozen or more ballads just like it, saturating  our souls and filling us with praise and worship to our father.

      We were like sponges... taking in and absorbing two remarkable books by Dr. Dale Fife in Connecticut that Dee had given Tina for her birthday....The secret place, (Passionately pursuing His presence), and The Hidden Kingdom, (Journey into the heart of God). house These days were beyond blessed.  Have you ever had a season of your life where you were separated from all the “normalcy of life” and were able to  enter into a place with God where you were soaked and drenched in His love and revelations?  Every day we spent hours of pure reverie in His word, (Both the  written and Rhema.) The Lord was speaking to us in volume.


                                    April 13h, 2004 journal entry

      “Lord. One of my favorite gifts from you of all times was on Easter Sunday in the wee morning hours... You gave me a dream so vivid I had to share it as soon as I opened my eyes... In the dream, You handed me a beautiful card...As I received it and began to look at the cover, it said;

      “ For you O' my daughter " in large letters. There was a beautiful colossal gold star in the midst of the card and also  the number '52'... I felt such a magical excitement stirring my very soul. What it meant, I had no idea...I just knew with every fiber of my being it was something very special from You, to me.”

      Later, when I sought the Lord for His revelation of the meaning, I was absolutely flabbergasted...I will share this in another writing as not to take anything away from the glory God revealed to me this Easter morning. (It deserves a story all of its own.) These were our days in Milford...the Lords presence, words, dreams, days filled with His awe and yes, certainly a rest for our souls!

      As the Lord continued to stir our hearts, He shared with us that our time at Tina and Marks was coming to an well as our time amidst our wonderful Milford family. It was bitter sweet as we desired so much to travel back to our beloved Mystic and  we longed for our things and a home of our own.  On the other hand, we truly loved our new  and wondrous friends  and hated to depart but Kit and I  KNEW they would always be our family regardless of what state each of us resided in.

      It was in a way quite comical....When we  had first arrived in February to Tina's  home, she shared that Mark had heard from the Lord that our stay was to be for three months. Of course at the time she shared this, (our heart strings tied to Mystic, ) I said , “NO way Jose, not in a million years, it is not going to happen...the Lord would never ask us to stay away from Connecticut that long ."  Well, can you guess..Mark was right and I was wrong...(My emotions  were so strong, they did not  allow me to hear confirmation from the Lord.)

      Sure enough....3 months , almost to the day...the Lord waved His flag and said “Its time to go!” He told us it was just a matter of days and to be ready.



                                *** May6 , 2004 Journal entry

       "Lord,This morning in our prayer time, we were taken aback . We feel that you have told us that before we leave Delaware, we are take a 'day trip' to Washington DC....Your mission for us?   “You are to go back to the News company in Washington DC and you will know why you are there, when you arrive.” Did we have butterflies swimming a mile a minute in our stomachs? Yes. It is strange how suddenly, knowing we were 'going back, ' how many old emotions and thoughts filled our souls.    We knew it was another faith mission as even though our Jeeps tank was filled with gas,  we only had a few dollars to our name.  This is going to be interesting!"

     We left early in the morning . The sunrise over Milford was enchanting...The city was quiet...a peaceful hush encumbering this magical community. Our drive was ethereal. If you have never been blessed to take the drive from Delaware to DC., it is a 'must do' if you ever get the chance. The journey is serene and amicable with spectacular views of many a lovely estate, old churches and sights of deer, bunnies and squirrels joyfully gallivanting. There are a few picturesque farms with ample land, old ancient trees, the beautiful Bay Bridge, charming Annapolis, Chesapeake bay and of course, the magnificent entry into DC itself. Graham was snoozing away on his tapestry bed...little did he know we were going back in time to one of our families old stomping grounds. We had no idea of where we would be parking...a Little bit anxious if we had to park a long distance from the building as we wanted to be assured that Graham was close by. The Lord was so good to we circled around the colossal office buildings, there right in front of the doors was a parking space. (If you know DC, you know this was a miracle.)  We had just enough change for 2 hours... Thank you Jesus. We arrived to the News Network right about the time of their morning worship....another "Thank you Jesus." Many of our old co-workers were not there...some had left the company, others just not present that particular day.. We got to see William , Scott and Janice. They shared that things were not going well and that it looked like perhaps the company could be coming to an end. We prayed for them and then they had a time of prayer for Kit and I. It was again bitter sweet...Recalling a collection of good as well as not so fond memories as we walked through the building and reunited ourselves with each room and our one -time- fellow- employees.  William, a pastor and dear friend prayed and released us from any soul ties or bonds with the news company as well as from any hurt we may have encountered when we were let go. He prayed a blessing over our call to the Kings Tavern and encouraged us on our journey.  It was so wonderful to see him and the others...after some tears and warm embraces, we felt we were supposed to go upstairs to see the owner. Upon entering her office, we said our hellos and gave her a hug...there did not have to be any words spoken about what was happening to her company. We told her we were praying for her and the others....we all wished each other well and said goodbye. As we arrived to our jeep, our parking meter had just expired....right next to us was the meter police...we smiled as we had “just made it” in time ...once again knowing , it was God and His marvelous grace upon us. As we drove away, we knew the Lord brought us back to say a final goodbye, have the ties severed as well as receive a blessing for the new call upon our lives..We in turn, were there to pray for all of our friends. They were so tired, beat up in their faith and in such great fear of loosing their jobs as the company was truly going under. We were able to share with them first hand that the Lord would supply their every need just as He had ours. Kit and I  had a tranquil peace, our hearts filled with a joy. We knew we had obeyed the Lord. Thank you Jesus...Our drive home was just as amicable as the mornings.

      We knew that within the next few days we would be leaving Milford. After  having paid our innate monthly payments and bills, we really did not have the provision to make a big  move and were unsure as to where we were going. (Sounds like a blast from the past.) We had peace but no '411' on what God was up to. We so hoped He was sending us back to Mystic (unsure if there were other stops a long the way for His purposes). We really were trying not to second guess the Lord or PRESUME we knew the way of the journey that would eventually bring us to the King Tavern. Right about the time God sent us off, friends of ours from Arizona sent us $300.00 as per the Lords instructions to them. (When we arrived to Milford , it was with a gift of $300.00 from Tina and Mark that brought us and now upon our exit, here was another $300.00 ...Is there something anointed about 300?) The day before we were 'taking off', our dear friend in Europe, Elizabeth , called us sharing that the Lord showed her He was going to tell us where we were going as soon as we got in our car and not a minute sooner...Once again, we smiled knowing this was another faith journey and adventure to be recorded in our memoirs.

      We were blessed to be able to see all of our family in Milford one more time before we left. There were lots of warm hugs and many a tear shed. How do you get so close to people in only a mere 3 mo nths? Our hearts strings were tied and we knew we would always be welcomed back in this magical city. Tina and I cried, hugged and said our goodbyes, then within a matter of minutes, I found myself running back in the house, doing it all over again. She and I were so close, our farewell likened to the sweet and winning scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ as he and Dorothy said their goodbyes in the enchanting Emerald City. Dorothy said as her heart was broken to leave her new found family..."Scarecrow, I think I will miss you most of all.” That was Tina and I for sure...thank you Lord for such a wonderful new friend!

      I hopped up in our Jeep Cherokee ...patted my eyes dry with a hand full of Kleenex and all three of us waived goodbye to Tina...(Yes, Graham was saying his goodbye as well in his own special way already missing his 'new love and  adored girlfriend, McPherson.) We drove to Super Wal*Marts to get some snacks for the road. As we returned to our jeep and sat for a moment, we held hands, smiled and   asked the Lord the question of the hour.  “OK Lord...which direction are we heading in today?”


  He restores my soul, He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake.

 Psalms 23:3





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CH 29 - Chapter 29 ~ Be still and know that I am God.  Part Two of Journey to my Fathers heart is up and running. To read chapter 29, click on the new link ( part 2 of our journey) at the top or bottom of the home page or inside Chapter 29. Thank you and God bless you, Susan
CH 30 - The new Chapters 29,30, 31,32,33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42 and 5 new Rabbit Trails stories have been published. Chapter 43 is in the making. God bless you, Susan

 As of April 30, 2017, Journey, Part Two  has 5 Rabbit trails story and I am currently working on Chapter 43. I hope you are enjoying The second  part of our Journey with the Lord. Bless you, Susan