A Respite, A Miracle and A Detour

                                              A Respite, A Miracle and A Detour.

      “A truly Happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour” ~Author unknown.

      “My Delay is not a denial” ~ Author ~ The Lord... These are the very  words the Lord spoke to us the beginning of this year while in Mystic regarding His promise to us about Kings Tavern. (Obviously the Lord told us this for a reason and now, it was really beginning to all make sense.)

 Bed_and_Breakfast     Certainly this was not what we had imagined in May, when we cried (OK, I cried ) and said our goodbyes to our new Delaware  family and then within a months time, we were right be back in beautiful Milford again...but we were, and God is good and perfect in everything He does in our lives according to His purposes. We could certainly affirm that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts: Isaiah 55:8. We arrived to Tina’s around three o'clock in the afternoon. Her home was as beautiful and inviting as ever. The only warm bodies greeting Graham, Kit and I were Kisses and McPherson...their tales wagging endlessly as well as Grahams as he was finally reunited with his “girl.” Tina left a note ... “Help yourselves to anything. I am out and about and will see you soon.” To our delight and surprise, there on the dining table were a few envelopes with our names on them awaiting us. As soon as we finished  loving on the pooches, we opened our cards only to be overwhelmed with gratefulness, joy and yes tears. (OK, me again... Kit controls his emotions a little better than I .) The cards were filled with wonderful words of encouragement as well as love offerings for our journey from a few of our Milford friends and family.

      Tina’s fridge was filled with everything one could possibly desire to eat, (That is just the way she is... thoughtful and giving 110% all the time,) gourmet deli meats, fruit, veggies, cheeses and fresh breads. There were cookies in the pantry and I was so excited to see a collection of delicious creamers for our much anticipated  Star Bucks French Roast coffee.

 Lord_of_The_Rings     Knowing we were able to stay at Tina and Marks for 5 nights, I cherished every minute of our time not knowing where we would be next. After saying our 'good nights', Kit , Graham and I would head up to our room, snuggle up and watch the classic movie, The Lord of the Rings.  It took us our entire stay to finish the movie as we had so much peace at Tina's that we would fall asleep so quickly every night. (About 20 minutes into the story.) We felt 'at home.'  Our mornings were spent on the porch with Tina...plenty of hot cups of French Roast  coffee along with fellowship and prayer. She would fix eggs and French toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and ordered Chinese take out or pizza for dinner....Every day was such a blessing.

      One morning, I ran into Tina on the stairway and she caught me with my eyes welled up and asked, “Why are you crying honey?” (By now you are probably guessing that I was a walking faucet that never quite got turned off at this time in our journey.) A combination of deep emotions flooded my soul...gratitude, fatigue, fear, bewilderment and hope. It was so difficult to try to put into words to Tina all that we had gone through and yet now, being at her home again, we felt a sense of home with loving, familiar faces...No more hotels and angst. As hard as it was to explain, I tried. Pastor Vito came for Bible study and we literally were showered with LOVE from everyone...prayers, words from the Lord of encouragement, money gifts, hugs, shared tears and laughter. I prayed that God would create  an open door for us to stay there with our adoring  Milford family. Kit put in a few applications in Dover Delaware as he  answered job ads....Tina and Marks home was no longer an option as they had turned our old bedroom into a room for Tina’s mom who had  had a stroke and would be coming to live with them soon.

      Sure enough, when our 5 days were over and Mark and Carter came home from their 'cave time in the deep wilderness,' (camping), another door opened, (Temporarily.) If Kit and I were willing to help out, one of the ladies in our tightly knitted family, Monroe, offered a room at her home in Milford. She was leaving for a retreat for a few days but we could get the key and come anytime.

      As we hugged Tina goodbye, we were comforted by her words; “Yes, you will now be sleeping at Monroe's home but please come over here everyday during the daytime.” Tina's words were so soothing to us and gave us a peace, after all, her house was the closest thing we knew of at this time to be our home. We knew we would be making a decision soon as to where we were going to settle, even if only for a season and having her prayers and friendship made all the difference in the world.

 On_The_Patio     Our days at Monroe’s, well, mainly our early mornings, were spent out on her veranda surrounded by the charming, sylvan woodsy atmosphere. The striking   cardinals and blue birds graced us faithfully every morning singing songs of delight accompanied by petite and delicate finches, furry squirrels and 'butterball' bunnies frolicking amongst the lush green lawn. We euphorically would sit at the table, sip our coffee, talk, pray and ask the Lord to please speak to us of where He wanted us to settle...

      I am going to share a funny story with you. On this particular day in our lives, Kit and I laughed so hard and thanked God for his graciousness to bring us laughter in the midst of our time of challenge and the stretching of our faith.  I love how He brings moments that are so capricious that you laugh until you cry and feel a release as only laughter can bring. This comical moment was truly medicine to our hearts.

      Upon first arriving to Monroe’s, it was beyond hot...lets just say the humidity alone made the term “Bad hair day” a common household word in Milford Delaware. She had let us know that her air conditioning unit was broken thus we used a floor fan propped up on a chair to blow  a soft breeze upon us our first evening at her home as we tried to go to sleep. It helped us a little but poor Grahammy, ( our 130 pound Briard, with at least 30 of those pounds being his bountiful fur coat). OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit. 25! Anyhow, our poor little guy had no way to cool his august body down in the night, thus he got sick.... Graham_With_a_Dark_Coatyes an upset tummy! When we walked downstairs in the morning, he had not just one accident on Monroe's carpeted dining room floor, but 5. Needless to say, we comforted him first (as he was so embarrassed  as this was something he had never done in all of his 4 years) and then we got right to work on cleaning up.  After hours of cleaning, (probably choosing the wrong cleaning agents as we'd find out soon enough), all was back to normal  until the carpet began to dry. To our chagrin, the carpet now consisted of 2 colors...the normal color of the carpet...(at least 20 years old being it was the original carpet of her home),  and now the 5 circles of new color... When Monroe arrived home, she was a bit surprised, very gracious to us and not at all upset that we had given her home a new look... (well, actually Grantham's doing.) We told her we would be happy to pay for her carpet to be cleaned but she said that it  was not necessary.   That afternoon she came downstairs to share her idea with us... OK, here comes the part that is so cute and priceless.

      “Susan and Kit, I have been thinking and if you don't mind, would you two go and pick up some face powder at Wal* Mart? Buy some that is about the color of my carpet and I think if we sprinkle the powder on the areas that are lighter, it will work.”  Monroe said with a sparkle of hope in her eyes.

      “Face Powder?” Kit asked.  " Do you really think that will cover the spots.”

      “I think it is worth a try and certainly less expensive than cleaning the entire room.” She said


      “How will we find a powder the color of your carpet?”  Kit asked, a bit perplexed.

      “Just go to the makeup section that has colors for African American women and I am sure you will find the color.” She answered very convinced her idea would work.

      Kit and I got in the jeep and drove to Super Wal*Mart to scout for a face powder that was dark in color, designed for an African American woman.  So, there we were, walking around the store with a swab of her carpet, trying to find a matching face powder color and suddenly we got so tickled, laughing hysterically at the whole situation we found ourselves in.   (Have you ever had those moments that if you do not laugh, you will most certainly cry? ) OK, this was us in a nutshell this day.  The Lord used it all to lift our hearts. We knew the powder was not going to do anything but we bought it , brought it home and as she tried  sprinkling it on the carpet, just as we had suspected, nothing happened as it did not change the color whatsoever.  Monroe then asked me if I personally could use the powder... She was so innocent and trusting. I had to smile as I am fair skinned with freckles and told her “No, but thank you.”   Lord, thank you for a sense of humor, laughter and the sweet, pure heart of Monroe.

      Tina sent over a few AC window units and told Monroe she would pay for the extra electricity on her upcoming bill, thus we had cold air at night for the remainder of our stay. (Once again, the Lord met our every need...Tina was beyond the  meaning of the word friend  and blessing.)

      Monroe was a wonderful  single Christian woman with a large home, thus she gladly appreciated having a “man in the house.” as there were plenty of handyman jobs to be done.   Kit helped out with her roof, electrical outlets, trimming trees and I helped with basic household chores.  It was certainly a place the Lord granted us to seek HIM and have some alone time (without having to pay $50.00 a night) to get the 411 from Heaven as to what He wanted us to do next.

      Our thoughts at this time were to make our move to Southern California... After all it was our original stomping ground, (where Kit and I met , courted and got married) and we were constantly being  beckoned by our family and friends to 'please come back.' (Yes Grahammy too). Thanks to my dad for his help with our car, we could travel across country and our place of lodging would be my best childhood friend Kim and her husband Bob in West Lake Village.

     It is so true what the bible says.  "A mans heart plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

 Bambi    One day while sitting with Tina and Annie, (the dynamic duo we met 8 months earlier at the cordial and lovely church in Virginia), we felt the Lord revealed our hearts to us in a way that we could not ignore. There we were out side , enjoying our fresh cups of coffee as all the wonderful 'wildlife' was cavorting and making merry amongst Tina’s splendid garden by the woods and it dawned on us just how in love with this part of the country we were. In California we would not be able to see bunnies, Fire_Flyssquirrels, groundhogs and wintry birds...That evening while sitting on her renowned porch , the fireflies appeared in their glory as they waltzed amongst the shrubs and trees of the woodlands . There was a mother deer with its precious baby, slowly and cautiously walking up to Tina’s yard looking for the bounty of corn on the cob Tina would place for her beloved visitors...Kit and I looked at each other and admitted that our hearts were so tied and knitted to  an east coast life...we could not bare to part with the sudden thunderstorms, wildlife, lightning bugs and  the brilliant technicolor of our four  seasons , so in our hearts we crossed California off our list. It was not an open door for us any longer...thus it was narrowed down to Milford or South Carolina.

      Kit did not get even one bite on the jobs he applied for in Milford or Dover...we had to leave Monroe’s by the end of the month as she had family arriving from out of state. What to do Lord...  "What is Your heart for us oh God? ”    The Lord was not giving us  any one particular answer...it was a time of pressing through and realizing that perhaps He was giving us a choice for our next lodging place.

      One evening that will forever stay etched upon my heart is the night Kit and I were staying at Monroe's and as we just “happened” to turn on TV, there preaching was one of my favorite guys ...TD Jake’s. He is a man that the Lord always uses to speak “right to the heart of the matter” of whatever I am walking through...this night was no different. His sermon was on Jesus and Lazarus.  So many of Lazarus friends were upset and disquieted that Jesus did not do the “expected”...Upon hearing of Lazarus's illness and the peoples cry to “come right away to heal him,” Jesus did not budge.  He waited for days... And when He did arrive, Lazarus was dead.  So many asked, “Why Lord did you wait so long? If only You had arrived sooner....” The truth is, Jesus did not move to the emotions and desires of others...He only was moved by the voice of His father,  thus He went exactly on time... Gods time to see his cherished friend. TD went on to say that the reason God sent him at the time He did was to bring the MOST GLORY to God in the circumstance, thus Lazarus was raised from the dead...all to the glory of God. I was so touched and encouraged as the Lord used this wondrous teaching to assure my heart that Kit and I were not lost somewhere...just hanging on the side lines with our life making no sense. (Believe me, the enemy tried to tell us time and time again that somehow we had failed and we would not SEE the Lords promise fulfilled.)  God had us on the sidelines for His purpose and when the DAY came, He would bring it all about and His glory and majesty would be seen in full! He would fulfill Kings Tavern all in His time and Kit and I needed to keep walking forward, no matter how out of sorts we felt. (Thank you Lord for your glorious and timely “pep talks.”

      I love this quote by Owens Lee Pomeroy “ Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect." Well no matter how beguiling it can be, Nostalgia was calling my name!

 Moss_Covered_Trees     Though born and raised in California, my deepest roots are in the South...The Carolinas to be exact. I was blessed to be able to take Kit back on several occasions to meet and spend time with my ever~lovin 'kissin cousins,' enjoying fresh Murrels Inlet crab and hush puppies at the infamous Pee Dee Lodge, cheese grits Mansion_Behind_Long_Treed_Drivewaywith grilled shrimp, a bounty of Sunday gatherings with fried Okra, corn on the cob, fried chicken, pecan pie and sweet tea while enjoying winsome stories of our past. There were many a night while sitting around a fire where we would reminisce over all of the “scary ghost stories” of our ancestors, each one of us retelling the tale as we had heard it. (The south is especially superstitious and there are many avid believers in “ghosts and spirits.")

      Kit and I called and talked to my close friend and cousin Mike...He and his wife lived in one of my all time favorite homes on several acres of land out in the country. Their home, a resplendent Pre civil war home was filled with charm, love, warmth, laughter and 3 beautiful boys.

      “Hi Mike. How are you all? You know how you have been asking us forever to come and live in your neck of the woods... well, hold onto your hats because we are ready to come and take you up on your offer.” I said excitedly as well as with a few butterflies swimming around in my stomach


      “Really Susan? Are you serious? Are you and Kit really coming back?” He said with his lovable and inviting deep southern drawl that I just love... “ Ya'll just come on back and we will all help you  make a way.”

      After several calls back and forth along with lots of prayer, it was decided.  Kit, Graham and I would leave for South Carolina the end of the month...just in time to hear Mike preach for the first time at  his father in laws church in Florence South Carolina. Mike and Ellie offered their home to us until we could get back on our feet. We were blessed and excited.


      While our stay at Monroe's was coming to an end, we got a call from our moving company in Baltimore....our hearts sunk as the agent said “The moving company is changing hands at this time thus your bill is now due...with the cost of the movers in January, plus the storage for  the last 5 months, the final bill was far more than we could pay . If we did not pay the bill in full and come and get our things out of storage, they would auction it all off. This was totally unexpected and a crashing blow to our spirits.

      Our hearts were sick...not so much in the thoughts of  losing our TV's, couch, furniture and decor items...but just the thought of loosing my moms gift to me of her Limoges china, our wedding album, antiques collected from both sides of our family, linens from our grandmothers and all of our cherished photos...surely God would not allow us to loose it all.

      Kit and I drove to see pastor Vito in Bethany Beach. We were truly at our wits end.  Devastated, we shared our plight with him...He prayed and the pain and fear lifted a little but came back when we started talking .

      “Vito, the Lord promised us when we started on this journey that we would not suffer any loss, so He can't allow us to loose all of our things right now.” I said trying to convince myself.

     “Susan, the Lord does not owe you anything and does not have to do anything...You need to submit to Him and His purposes.” He said . “What do you consider loss?”


      A little miffed, I answered. “ Well if God does take away all of our things then it may take awhile for me to find Him and my peace in all of the pain and loss.”

      With a big smile on his face as he had already 'been there and done that”, Vito replied; Foot_Print_On_The_Beach“Susan, you will not have to find Him in the pain, He will find you.

      It truly was one of those times I felt worse after praying with Vito than I did on our drive up to his home. My heart was in a very low place...Kits too so we could not help each other. Only Jesus could help us now. Originally when we obeyed the Lord while in Alexandria and we called the movers, we had sky high faith all would work out as we had planned.... We believed God would provide the money for our belongings when it was time...Of course, we had it  in our minds that when He did, we would be living in Connecticut in our own home and then we would call Baltimore and they would deliver our furniture and belongings to us... Yes a happily ever after ending.  Now we had no home, no money to redeem our things and the company was saying, “Pay up or else.”

      Talk about a raging battle...tears, prayers, begging, angst, torment, fear.... Oh God we need a miracle. Please will you give us a miracle. It was an interesting place the Lord was bringing Kit and I to. In knowing we Had to trust ONLY the heart and character of God for us and not place our trust in Him to give us our things back unless it was HIS HIGHEST, was a difficult place to get to....we continued to wrestle and combat our fears.


      I remember the day that Tina purchased and brought home a new set of china...she was like a little kid, so excited as she shared all of the different pieces with me...inside, my heart was breaking thinking that God may require that I give all of mine up....Oh the days of pain and wrestling...trying so hard to submit to God, trust and get our peace back. Finally, the battle was over.

      There was no longer any doubts, Kit and I came to the place where we surrendered 'our Issac' ...Yes Lord, if we have to loose everything then GIVE US THE GRACE...If it is your will to give us our things back then please provide a miracle.    I need to tell you but I know you already know that just in the surrender, there was a beautiful peace.

      It was our last night in Milford...We were leaving the next day to start a new life in South Carolina. Pizza and WingsTina and Mark had us over for dinner and were so gracious treating us to Hot wings and Pizza... It was our last hurrah with our family. As we were eating dinner, (my appetite pretty null), one of our precious Milford families called Tina and said they felt the Lord had put it upon their hearts to pay for our moving fees  and that we were not to loose all of our belongings. OH MY GOSH!

      To even begin to touch on how we felt at this moment is almost impossible. Here was a family who we had only known for 4 months... out of their graciousness and servants heart, they hearkened to the Lord's voice and offered something that was beyond our comprehension. We cried and cried...thanked God, thanked them and truly were in a state of elation, gratefulness, reverie, awe, disbelief and astonishment. I liken the elation we felt to this.  Imagine a couple trying endlessly to have a baby...then one day, they get the news that they are “Pregnant.” Not with one baby, but with 4! Babies_Under_CoverIt is a miracle and something that only the Lord Himself could do...We knew it was the Lords gift to us and FOREVER We would praise Him! Tina and Mark were not the least bit surprised as they were best friends with this couple and knew their hearts of service for the body of Christ. Yes this couple had brought forth many a blessing for people all in the name of Jesus as they obeyed the Lord and had such hearts for others. Tina was elated along with us as she knew that she and I were two peas in a pod when it came to our homes and that if I did end up loosing everything, it would have been heart breaking. Thank you Lord that even though you required the sacrifice, You redeemed our things. Suddenly, my appetite came back in full, thus we all shared a delicious dinner of pure comfort foods. After many hugs, more tears and goodbyes, we drove back to Monroe's and we, the three musketeers, slept like babies as we once again thanked God for His love, faithfulness and redemption to us.

      This video clip and song truly expresses our hearts at this time for all the Lord did for us supernaturally as well as through His beloved servants. To this day, I still get teary eyed at God's faithfulness to us. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!


      It was June the 26th...We would begin our journey in time to arrive to South Carolina and see all of our family by dinner time.  The drive was like 7th heaven...peace like a river...when we hit the Bay Bridge, Yes I had to cover my eyes big time as the traffic was backed up like there was no tomorrow... and yes, our travel day was the same day  everyone else had chosen to go into the Washington DC area, thus our 9 hour drive would most likely be 12 or 13 the way things were progressing. We stopped in at McDonalds and got some piping hot French fries, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, hot coffee and apple pies. The three of us  were  content as we putted along in stop and go traffic, sharing our comfort food, feeling hopeful for whatever the Lord had for us in South Carolina. (I could not stop smiling and thanking God that I could still set a beautiful table one day with my moms Limoges, rose china. )

      We arrived to Florence just after twilight... my heart pounding as  I was so excited to see my cousin Mike...we hugged and hugged.. talked for a little bit and said goodnight.  “We will see you in the morning at church and can not wait to hear your sermon.” I said  to Mike in awe that we were back amongst all my southern kin.  We stayed our first few nights at Samantha and Reeds, (more southern family) until Mikes boys could get to know and get use to Graham.  As Samantha  showed us to our bedroom, we were in awe as our room was like something out of a Ralph Loren magazine. Once again we were greeted with such warmth and love....Our first night in the Carolinas and evenings sleep was wondrous.

      Ah Sundays in the south. It is one of the few places left that truly knows how to Mark_Jordan_Preachingcelebrate the day in style...Ladies still where their chic and dashing hats, families gather around the table for a bounty of home cooked foods as the kids play and the adults chat with endless cups of coffee and ample glasses of sweet tea!. We arrived to the church where my beloved, God fearing cousin was asked to preach. It was the first time I had ever seen him in the pulpit...I welled up with such a joy. He not Southern_Cookingonly spoke the word with such passion and conviction but he held every persons attention . It was so quiet in that church,  so much so that between the “Amen's and and Uh huh's” you could of heard a pin drop...I was filled with awe, pride and joy for my beloved friend and cousin. After the service, we all met over at Mikes home in the country and enjoyed a feast of all feast...lots of family, tables filled with everything from homemade macaroni and cheese, ham and biscuits to banana pudding and Red velvet cake. We shared our journey thus far and they shared all that the Lord was doing in their lives…Our Sunday was perfect. We felt as if we were HOME... Only 45 minutes away was the quaint town that held an abundance of precious Christmas_In_The_Carolinasmemories of my mom and I as we spent some of out last years together before she went to be with the Lord. I could not wait to go and tour the town, to relive all my treasured memories of Florence and Marion South Carolina. No, we had not received the promise of our Kings Tavern in Connecticut YET but God had granted a prayer and dream of mine that had laid dormant within my heart for many, many years...The wish that Kit and I could one day live in my beloved south...My heart was filled to overflowing.Thank you Lord, we are home for now, for awhile... I could feel the love, warmth, acceptance and that cozy feeling.... Our hearts were full. We were going to get our things back...we had family and offers of places to stay to get on our feet, we just needed a job...or two.  Just the thought of 'Christmas in the Carolinas,'  celebrating with my beloved family amongst all the Low Country traditions brought me such bliss and felicity.   Whatever God wanted for us, we wanted it too.  "Lord , our faith is restored and we are ready for this new southern adventure. Thank You Jesus." 

      “But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

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