Never question if God answers your prayers!

      Like a child's bliss as they dream of the sights and smells of Christmas time, Kit and I were thrilled to be heading to a ' place all of our own', even if it was just a room at a Motel 6.  As we walked into our new snug haven, we were elated to see two double beds, (one for us and one for Patch), a big bath tub, (I was already dreaming of those long, delightful, hot bubble baths,) a desk, two chairs and a much appreciated television with (thank you Lord) cable! We paid upfront for one week, so I knew that at least for that period of time, we could unwind, enjoy our freedom and seek God as to His plans for us now that we had left Cheverly. We immediately spruced up our room with a few familiar items, bright and cozy pillows, colorful throws and a few photographs of our friends and family. We splurged and bought some scented candles as well as groceries to fill up our small frig in our room. We were content as we had our comfy, (temporary) home set up to our liking. It is hard to even capture in words the emotions we felt as we had a dwelling place all to ourselves. There were no more stomach aches while cooking our meals, wondering what Jillian would say or do when she walked in to the kitchen. When Kit, Patch and I would return from an afternoon drive to the country or a jaunt to the grocery store, our abode no longer had that oppressive dark and gloomy air about it. Now, it was peaceful, light and convivial. Patch was free and happy, no longer filled with apprehension or fear to walk about. He was like a new dog! We felt peace, an abundance of love and the heaviness of not feeling wanted had left us. We prayed over our little room, invited Jesus to fill it and it became our special sanctuary with the Lord, full of coziness, warmth and peace. All three of us slept each night like a baby and woke up in the morning with a new joy and hope. (Thank you Lord for your grace.)    

     We had arrived to this Motel in Laurel on September 1st. Our week stay would end on the 7th. Our room was on the second floor and had a an amiable view of a wooded area adorned with a sylvan charm. Another blessing God gave us was that we had an ambrosial Subway restaurant right next door. Kit and I could walk over day or night to get delicious hot subs or fresh salads, (which we did often.) Kit would leave every morning at 6:30 to go to his job at Staples and I stayed with Patch in our motel room. I did a lot of praying, journal writing and spent a lot of time on the phone with our friends and family. I would take Patch  out for walks and we both would wait, anticipating the moment our motel room door would open in the afternoons, as our favorite person in all the world, KIT would walk through the door and we could all be together until the next morning! Even though we were not in our own  home, somehow, when Kit, Patch, Jesus and I were all together, my soul was captured with the sense of HOME. Some evenings for a change, we would drive over to the local grocery store where they had an inviting and delectable deli. We would fill our take out containers with fresh homemade soups, stews and heavenly pickings from an immense delicious salad bar with a huge variety of fresh vegetables, olives, hot peppers, cheeses, croûtons, meats, and fresh breads with real butter. We had a small coffee pot in our room which was a blessing as Kit and I are both coffee connoisseurs. I don't know exactly what it is about coffee that offers inspiration for dreaming and quiet talks, whether with the Lord, Kit or perhaps a phone chat with a friend. I loved our mornings as they were always a fresh new start, a blank page ready to be filled with new, exciting events and revelations from the Lord. The Lords mercies are new every morning....isn't that just so awesome?

       We began looking at all the components of our journey thus far and our current status staying at Motel 6. We did not make enough income to pay all of our monthly bills as well as the costs of our room. The Lord had not opened up a room to rent through our church and He had specifically told us not to take permanent jobs over the last months. My job with Katie was now over and thus far, the Lord had not provided a new job for me. We had a lot of people who were helping us financially, supporting us on our journey of faith, ( we were extremely blessed.) Both Kit and I knew we needed to hear anew from God. We were at a crossroads in our east coast adventure. So, it was back to prayer and seeking God for His heart and direction at this time in our journey.

      A little anxious, apprehensive and yet expectant, we entered our second week without hearing any thing specific from God as to what we should do. We knew we were to continue to reside at the motel as someone felt led to pay for another week's stay . (Thank you Lord.) The dates of this week were September 8th through the 14th. We spent a lot of our time talking, praying and seeking prayer with other believers. We were at a place in our journey of faith where we had to lay it all down before was not easy...this was our prayer;


      “Father, we truly believe that you called us here to the east coast and that you said we would be living in Virgina. We have only made it thus far to Maryland. All the doors closed with Jillian and you told us to only take temporary jobs. Here we are at a Motel 6 and we can't afford to keep paying $320.00 a week. What would you have us do? We want to stay here and fulfill your is not in our hearts to give up and go home. We lay it all down and ask you to move on our behalf according to your heart. We ask Lord that you move by this Friday to show us if you want us to stay, otherwise, we will go back to Arizona, and continue to trust you for your will and purpose with the call on our lives.”

     A peace and assurance filled our hearts as we knew we had fully surrendered it all to God. The burden was on Him and not us to fulfill our call to the east coast. We dealt with our emotions and were lined up with His will and heart. We were open to do whatever He asked us to do. I must say though, my heart was battling a sadness as I felt that if we went home, we somehow had failed God. I wanted so much to fulfill His call to be in Virginia, but there was nothing more we knew to do....we truly were waiting on God with all of our hearts and souls. We had so much invested in this call on our lives. I kept thinking of the scripture, 'Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding.'....It became our daily motto.

      What happened next was beyond anything Kit or I could fathom!



       The day? Tuesday, September 11, 2001! Kit had already left for his job at Staples at 6:30 AM. As I got up out of bed and poured my first cup of coffee, I turned on our TV and put The Today show on. There I sat with Katie Couric and Matt Lawyer, the scenes before my eyes were visions I will never forget. The twin towers being destroyed by an airplane crashing into it's massive structure. Over and over they replayed the event, then a second crash.. Devastation and unbelief filled my heart....I wanted so much for Kit to be there so I could share in the emotion of what was happening in our country. I called Kit only to get a recorded message as the store had not opened yet. I called my brother in California,(of course waking him up as it was 3 hours later in Maryland.) He thought I was playing a joke on him at first, then in hearing the seriousness of my voice, asked that he could have a chance to wake up, put the news on and call me back. There I sat alone in our motel room. Patch and I together and then yet another fatality occurred . When the newscaster spoke the words that an air plane was heading towards DC from Pennsylvania, I totally freaked out...We were right in the pathway. Never have I felt so alone and in shock. I prayed, called another brother in California and waited strenuously until the hour Staples opened. I could hardly wait to hear Kit's voice. Suddenly, everybody's worse fear hit, the plane traveling to our nations capital crashed into the Pentagon....only a matter of minutes from where our motel was located. Oh how I cried out to God, wishing so much we were back in our safe,  cozy little haven in Arizona. I asked the Lord why He had brought us to the east coast with all of these terrorist fatalities just miles away? Would our country ever be the same again? Were there more terrorist attacks planned? Would Kit get off early and come back to the motel? Lord, what was happening?

      Finally, Kit was able to take my call. Just to hear his voice calmed my soul. He prayed with me and assured me he would come home as soon an possible. Shortly after our talk, my brother called me back from Newport Beach, California. We stayed on the line for over an hour talking. I felt so much better having someone to process it all with and when we hung up, I just prayed and continually watched the news.

      Kit arrived home around 3:00 PM. We watched news until dinner time, both in shock at what had transpired throughout the day. Sad, traumatized, a little frightened, our minds filled with many a presumptuous thought, and feeling a bit bewildered, we prayed, talked, got a bite to eat, had a glass of wine, talked some more, made more phone calls and finally, laid our heads down on our pillows, .longing for rest, sleep and the Lord to speak to us anew.

      It was Wednesday, September 12.....we only had a few days left in our motel room. We felt almost a desperation within our spirits to hear from God. I am sure our heightened emotions were hindering us from hearing His still small voice within..God is always there, always speaking, it is us who make things so hard at times. During the day, I called one of our best friends in California, Margo. I shared where we were  at both spiritually and emotionally and that we had placed Friday before the Lord to move on our behalf, if He desired for us to stay on the east coast. She was such a great listener as well as mighty prayer warrior. She shared with me something that would end up changing Kits and my life forever.

    " Susan, do you remember my dear friend Scott from California? He is the pastor who came to your parents home in Laguna Niguel and prayed for your mom when she was ill with cancer. He is actually working right now for a Christian News company in Washington DC. He has a healing ministry and heads up a bible study there Why don't you call him for prayer today.”

      I replied with a great deal of hope “Yes, give me his number and I will call right now.”

      Kit and I were willing to do anything or talk to anybody...we just needed to hear from God as to what He wanted us to do.

      I made the phone call immediately.

      “Hello Scott, my name is Susan and I am a good friend of Margos. She told me to give you a call as my husband and I are in need of some prayer and direction from the Lord. I don't know if you remember Kit and I, but you came to lay hands on my mom , anoint her with oil and pray for her in California when she was sick with cancer?”

      “ Hi Susan, yes I do remember you and your husband. I think the time I came to see your mom, you had just gotten married.”

      “Yes, Kit and I were newlyweds. Margo said you have a healing ministry as well as bible study in DC. Kit and I believe God called us to the east coast and we journeyed here in faith and have been living in Maryland. Our stay there ended and we are staying now in a motel, paying by the week. My job has ended and Kit took a part time job at Staples. We really need prayer for direction as we are running out of provision and truly believe in our hearts we are to be here , our destination being Virginia..”

      As Scott listened, he asked me a variety of questions trying to understand the call on our hearts and what our needs were exactly. I was not even aware of what was within my heart... before I knew it, I was in tears. What came out of me as Scott and I spoke was truly hidden from me up until that moment. Through talking with Scott, the Lord revealed the fear within my heart...I was so afraid that if Kit and I ended up going back to Arizona, that we would let the Lord down in His call upon our lives. Scott spoke the words that the Lord used to set me free;

      “Susan, you and Kit want nothing more than to please God. You are open to whatever He asks you. There is no way you can let Him are pleasing in His sight and HE WILL KEEP YOU HERE MAKING A WAY FOR YOU TO STAY if it is His will.

      I finished with my tears, Scott prayed for me and I felt better, What he said next surprised me;

      “Susan, would you and Kit be willing to work on a chicken farm? “

      Did I hear him right...a chicken farm? “Yes, of course.”

      “A friend of mine owns a large chicken farm out in the country in Virginia and they are looking for help. They would give you a small salary and room and board.”

      I replied with great hope and excitement; “I will have to ask Kit and we will need to pray, but yes, if that is our open door to stay in Virgina, yes, we would do it.”

      Scott replied with joy, “Let me call them and I will get back to you. Bless you Susan and I will call you later on today.”

      Wow....we may be going to live on a chicken farm. Not what I originally thought of, but I was game if that is what God has on His heart for Kit and I. I could hardly contain my new found hope and excitement until Kit got home form his job that afternoon.

      The phone rang within minutes. It was Scott.

      “Hi Susan. Listen, I am at work right now and my boss overheard me talking to you on the phone. When I hung up, she felt the Lord wanted me to call you back and ask what your husband does for a living.”

      “He is a web designer.” I replied with a little bit of wonder in my voice.

      Suddenly I could hear a third person in the background talking with Scott, (not clear of everything being said), but the next words that he spoke blew me out of the water.

      “Susan, could you tell Kit we are interested in interviewing him tomorrow? We have been praying for a web designer for our Christian news company. Have him give me a call when he gets in from work tonight okay? Oh. And by the way, what do you do?”

      Being the writer that I am, I quickly blurted out; “Well, I am a writer, (secretly hoping this news company would need a writer), and have had jobs as a nanny, child care Director, Property management assistant, Bank clerk, receptionist and a waitress...”

      He replied, “Okay, good to know. Have your husband call me today when he gets in and bless you.”

      Oh my gosh! I was almost numb at what had just transpired. Did I dare get my hopes up? Could this be God's answer to our prayer that He would move on our behalf by Friday? The hours seemed like days as Patch and I waited for Kit to walk through our motel room door.

      When Kit arrived to our little abode, he literally had to tell me to slow down, get calm as my excitement and talking a mile a minute was not making any sense to him. So, I took a few deep breaths and shared about my talk with Scott. Kit's face was elated as his spirit was encouraged . He was even fine with the entire chicken farm scenario.

      After he changed, had a minute to relax, he called Scott in DC.

      Kit shared about his web design business and experience with I.T work. Before I knew it, Scott and his colleagues scheduled Kit to come into DC the next afternoon at 4:30 for an interview. We were both so full of hope, thanking the Lord and celebrated with a special dinner  and went to bed with hopeful hearts.

      It was now Thursday. Kit left for work as usual. I had the task of getting his clothes ready for his big interview that late afternoon. The day seemed to fly by. I was excited, a little anxious and yet I knew God would open this door if it was His will. All day long, television consisted of constant news casts of the terrorist attacks that had just occurred two days earlier. It still all seemed so surreal. There was an anxiety and deep sadness everywhere we visited, the grocery stores, gas stations, eateries...everyone was in shock over our nations plight. I felt guilty at times having a joy that God was going to move on our behalf to stay on the east coast. There was a part of me though that was afraid of living so far away from our home, residing in a place where we did not know a soul at a time when our country had just been hit so hard. My mind was filled with many presumptuous thoughts of what could happen next. It felt so much safer to think of Kit and I packing up and driving back to our familiar and safe home town in Arizona......Lord , it is up to you, we want whatever you want.


      Patch, Kit and I climbed into our jeep Cherokee and headed for Washington DC.  Scott told us to park in the underground parking lot beneath the National Press building where this News company resided. Kit and I prayed before he went in and Patch and I waited patiently for him in the car as he went up to his interview. I prayed the entire time while Patch and I waited in the garage. OK, I have to be honest, Kit was up there so long that I crawled into the back of our jeep and laid down to take a little cat nap with Patch, only to have a man knock on my window to ask me if I was OK...Too funny! It was over an hour and a half, going on two hours and finally, I saw Kit walking over from the elevators. He looked happy as well as hopeful and my heart began to rejoice with a new hope.What a trip it is to work at the National Press Building

      We talked the entire way home. Kit felt he had a good chance at  getting a job offer. Our minds were going a mile a minute. When we got back to our motel room, the phone rang and it was Scott. He talked to Kit about what the salary was for the job, (which was beyond our hopes and expectations) and then, to both of our surprise, he said, “We would like to have Susan come in with you tomorrow as we are interested in hiring her as well.”

      I was in complete shock. Not only did Kit get a magnificent job offer, but they were interested in me as well. This whole scenario  was certainly above my wildest imagination. I ran over to the nail salon next to our motel, got my nails done, ironed an outfit and we settled in with great excitement as we had our dinner and tried to curb our enthusiasm so we could nod off to slumber land.

      The day? Friday the 14th of September, 2001. The very day we asked God to move on our behalf if He would have us stay on the east coast. We drove into Washington DC. Now mind you, I had not brought many 'executive outfits' for our stay in Cheverly. All of my nice clothes were back in our storage unit in Arizona. I felt a little out of sorts, but I believed this interview was a God thing and just did the best with what I had.(At least my nails looked great!)

      My stomach had butterflies as we entered the National Press Building and arrived to the elevator. As the doors opened on the 7th floor, I was in awe of the beauty of this spectacular building, its hallways so impressive. The office we arrived to was regal and prestigious and again, I felt as if it was all so surreal. I saw Scott..he shook my hand and escorted me to a large room where I would meet with the owner of this prominent news company and her CEO.The interview went well...they were more interested in my walk with Jesus than my work history which was new for me in a job interview. Before I knew it, I was hired. Kit and I were sitting together in Scott's office with a two salary job offer and a cash advance extended to us to help us get on our feet. Scott asked us if we could start on Monday?

      Leaving the National Press building, Kit and I could not stop smiling, praising God or calm our hearts down as we had just seen the hand of God....Not only did He come through to provide a way to stay on the east coast,  but He gave us exciting jobs TOGETHER and with other believers. We were in la la land, bliss city, beyond happy...we celebrated, got some new clothes and called all of our friends and family who had been standing with us in faith and interceding.


      Our weekend was one of great jubilee...thank You Lord! National Press Building, Washington DC and News company, here we come!





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