A New Haven

      Though the drive from Virginia to Connecticut was an 8 hour trip, in our bliss, it seemed more like 4! Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut were all uncharted states for our family of 3. Like little kids on Christmas morning, we were excited, full of elation, anticipation and joy to open up our next gift from the Lord, felicitously throwing out imaginative guesses of what He had awaiting us in Connecticut. (After all, He did say we were going to come back with something within our hearts.) God was revealing His handiwork of beauty everywhere we looked. It was amazing to both Kit and I how each state line we crossed presented us with such a myriad of picturesque terrain, whether in the bustling cities or charming countryside. Delaware and New Jersey, the sister states gracedCapital of Delaware, Dover state Building with an abundance of water, were charming with a vast boundless bucolic land, audacious old trees and more bridges than I could keep track of. Even the sight of the bridges from afar made my stomach swim with butterflies as they were so high, and oh so long. (Two characteristics I stayed away from if at all possible.) We did however have our share of bridges to cross.  I thanked God for His grace as He eased my antsy stomach each time we began our journey upward, leaving the safety of the familiar land below . I would quickly grab my decorating book to cover my eyes and concentrate on anything but our height and clambering into the air. Our first rest stop was in New jersey. It was my favorite time of the day, the gloaming hour, not quite yet dark, very windy and cold. Did I say cold? I meant bitter cold. After walking Graham and arriving to the cozy pastiche of familiar eateries, we were rewarded with delicacies to warm our tummies as well as souls. We brought back tall, hot coffees from Cinnabon and for some reason, that cup of coffee was the best I had ever had. That along with our Jeep Cherokee's faithful heater were life savers.

     Within both of our hearts, the same questions were laying, waiting and longing for answers. “Why Connecticut Lord? Why did you give us all the romantic visions of seaports, boats and lighthouses. Before leaving you said that, “What you come home with overflowing within your hearts is the very reason I am sending you.” Our inveigling to solve this riddle- twister reminded us of the intrigue of putting a puzzle together, never having seen what the picture is suppose to be in its finality. Slowly, we knew it would all come together as the whole idea of Connecticut was God's idea and that not of ourselves. The ending of our expedition would reveal His gift to us like a mystery-who-done-it novel being solved in the last chapter.  In the meantime, we were having the time of our lives.

      George Washington BridgeThe George Washington Bridge was fascinating, so much so that we hardly noticed the snail paced bumper to bumper traffic, nor did we care. Seeing New York city for the first time with its ambient skyline, massive, tall buildings amidst the river, kaleidoscopic graffiti on the tunnel walls, sardined packed apartment homes, (all revealing it's endless proof of a population larger than any place we'd ever been), was both grand and impressive. Yet , as we were cozily nestled within our jeep, our hot coffees warming us on this chilly evening, Graham at peace on his bed, it all seemed surreal. We were on an adventure of a lifetime, going once again to a state where we new no one and yet, so excited to see what our Father had in store for us. It was a night for our memoirs that is for sure.

      When we crossed the state line of Connecticut we were brimming over with elation. If for no other reason than it was the state God told us to go to and we had now entered its borders. As we continued east, we felt like Dorothy in the classic movie, 'The Wizard of Oz', when she said, “Toto we are not in Kansas anymore.” For we too knew that we were not in the south or Virginia any longer. Connecticut's nautical beauty was breathtaking. All around us were enchanting seaports with Cape Cod homes nestled within the lush green foliage graced with soft lights peeping through all of their many windows. Docked at the footsteps of these homes were boats of all sizes awaiting an evening ride on the bay or an earlyNew Haven CT Cove morning fishing escapade. Suddenly a dream inside of Kit and I surfaced and began rising within our spirits...we both felt it. Was this castle in the air- chimera of a life by the water already within us, oh-so still and deeply planted by the Lord? Was He suddenly at this moment in time, calling it forward? Or had He just placed it within us in this new season He was calling us to? (A season of rest, peace and 'the quiet' as He called it.)  No matter, we were already imagining what it would be like to live on the water, surrounded by boats, sea birds, sandy shorelines, mesmerizing light houses and the smell of brine in the cool  breezes,  smiling as we asked one another, “Does our father know us or what?”

      Finally, illuminated before our eyes was the very welcomed  sign,  Holiday Inn.We could hardly wait to check in as we were cold, hungry and a bit fatigued after our long drive. As we pulled up into the parking lot we noticed it was full and were so thankful that we had made reservations. Graham and I waited patiently as Kit went inside to pick up our key. I got chilled just watching him walk in the bitter cold of this New England City. The lobby was packed. I watched him chatting with a few ladies and as he began walking towards the car, they followed closely behind him. When they arrived to our jeep, I rolled down the window to say hello.

     “Honey, this is Sharon, Melissa and Barbara...they are here in Hartford for a ladies retreat.”

     “Hello. Glad to meet you all, I am Susan.”  I said as I smiled and shook their hands noticing that even though they were bundled up, they were shivering in the cold air. Barbara began chattily sharing about their Church retreat there in Hartford. There would be a blissful two days of renowned speakers, glorious praise, worship singers and catered food from a wondrous restaurant. Within a few minutes, Barbara asked me . “So what brings you and your husband here to Connecticut all the way from Alexandria Virginia?"

     OK here comes the hard part. Do you answer with the REAL reason or make nice conversation? I did both but perhaps a little bit to much emphasis on the 'spiritual side' as their faces looked a little puzzled. No, we didn't have a church retreat  or a concert lined up. We had come to Connecticut upon an invitation from the Lord to visit  this romantic nautical land by the sea, to explore and wait upon Him as to what He wanted to reveal to us.They said their goodbyes, shook hands again and reimplemented that I was more than welcome to attend their ladies retreat.    

     Our room was on the second floor, perfect in every way. Equipped with a queen size bed, cable TV, coffee pot, big bathtub and a cozy table for eating  yet we knew right off hand, we 'd be sitting up on our bed while dining! (Graham already was warming up his spot on the bed before we even unpacked.) Susan and GrahamI poured the bubble bath in the  tub and Kit and I began looking over the hotel menu to order room service. It was already 8:00 PM, we were hungry and tired so ordering quickly was our first task at hand.

     There we were...the three Musketeers, sitting on our bed, snuggled up, candles flickering as we watched a movie, eating our delicious en trees from the restaurant downstairs along with a glass of Merlot.  We were warm, snug, content and ready for a great nights sleep. Graham agreed..he loved this extremely cold place we were visiting as he already had a built in 'fur coat' to keep him warm.


                                           Our First Day                                    


      Ah  the smell of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. No, it was not Starbucks or Gloria Jeans by any means but it was hot and with enough sugar and cream, tasted delicious. Our room smelled like 'home'. Room service delivered a savory breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon along with buttered toast and gourmet jams. With hearty appetites we enjoyed our breakfast while watching the local Connecticut news station to give us a bit of insight to what New Englander's were like.

      After dressing and sipping our second cup of coffee, we got together with the Lord for our first briefing of the day. His desire for us was to go and explore the land, have some FUN and enjoy New England. Wow, we could certainly handle that! We gathered everything we would need for the day and headed out to scout the new land.

      The autumn morning was mesmerizing. Every corner was lush and green with glorious hues of orange, rust, yellows and reds gracing our eyes. Autum in Mystic CTWe had never seen so many seaports , tall ships and seabirds gleefully cruising along the shores. Surprisingly in the midst of all of this beauty, there were industrial buildings and sites that didn't seem to fit in with all the nautical charm . It did not matter though as every view we were taking in was gorgeous. Our first stop after our sight seeing was New Haven.

      “OK Lord....we are now in the city you spoke to us about. We ask you to lead us to wherever you would have us to go.”

      We visited the awesome and historic Yale University. It was a surprise to say the least. One side of the college looked like something out of an impressive coffee- table book...pristine lawns, Yale Universitymanicured shrubs, monster trees, noteworthy historical buildings and an inviting park with cozy benches. (Truly likened to a scene in a Hollywood movie.) When we traversed to the other side of this university, we felt as if we had taken a wrong turn somehow and had ended up in the ghetto, or the slum area of the Bronx in New York City. Scary? Yes. Even Graham felt it as we inconspicuously locked our doors as we drove by various gangs on the street corners. Needless to say, this part of our touring was cut short and we ventured to a new town.

      Our next stop was actually a Starbucks . We arrived there by taking a wrong turn. (I just love it when the Lord leads you to His places of destiny and blessing through wrong turns.) Kit ordered his hazelnut latte and I, a Caramel Macchiato. We were taken aback at the drive through window when the cashier asked if Graham would like a biscuit? Yes, the Starbucks in Branford Connecticut offered dog cookies.  Graham was already putting in his vote for us to visit this nautical, seafaring town on a regular basis.

      We enjoyed seeing all the sights of this alluring  seaside country. We stopped off at Milford Town beach to let Graham get some 'gym time' in. This scenic strand along the ocean was a gift for us all as we were blessed to meet some of the locals there as they too were exercising their dogs. Graham had a chance to run with some other dogs here(Thus Graham had some playmates while we got the skinny on a fabulous place to go for lunch.) We ended up at a popular local eatery nestled upon the the water's edge. It was in the adorable  cozy and quaint town of Milford. The cuisine was superb and it was a wondrous place to gather our thoughts and rest our feet. We decided to just keep driving and exploring. After some more sight seeing, viewing many opulent and beautiful homes on the shore, sandy beach coves, Milford's charming Main street and local gathering places, the daylight had given way to the dusk. The hours of our day had passed by so quickly. How could it already be evening? We knew that it was time to head back to Hartford, put our feet up and call it a day! We had explored New Haven, Branford and Milford. We had seen the ocean, gorgeous country, quaint towns, old historic homes and a breathtaking presentation of autumn in New England. We also had discovered a very important landmark...Starbucks. ( A quite ample and substantial amenity of this new land you know.)

      Our evening back in Hartford was just as lovely as the night before. Hot baths, flickering harvest fragranced candles, a good movie and this time, dinner from the local Pizzeria. We were elated to see that they delivered! We were still unsure of God's mystery,  the real reason He had brought us to Connecticut but we did not give it a second thought as we were having an extraordinary time.


Our second day in New England.

      Once again, the morning menu began with coffee but this time we ordered omelets, home potatoes and toast with more yummy jams.

      “'Hello Lord, here we are again checking in for our travel plans this gorgeous October morning.”

     We laid out all of our thoughts before the Lord. We could take the ferry over to Bridgeport and explore the famous pirate ship accompanied by a delightful seafood luncheon that the locals raved about or visit the legendary seaport of Mystic, (Where one of our favorite movies of 1988, Mystic Pizza was filmed. ) The locals had also highly recommended we go to Mystic to see the ships, historic town, the famous Bascule bridge and dine at some of the best restaurants on the New England Coast . Our third choice was to meet with Paul, a Christian man that was introduced to us by our friend in DC . He had so graciously offered to give us a detailed tour of New Haven. In our hearts  we felt Mystic was a “GO” along with plans to meet up with Paul in the evening .

      Of course  because our newly found Starbucks coffee shop was on the way to Mystic from Hartford, we had to take our 'wrong turn' again and drop in for another visit. (Graham would be so happy to get another biscuit-cookie. Sure enough at the drive up window, before we even rolled down our window to order, Graham began drooling profusely in anticipation of his treat.)

      The drive to Mystic was enchanting and colorful, again, very lush and green with an abundance of seaports, spectacular views of the ocean and such authentic beauty of a nautical life style.

      Upon arriving to this charming and magical town, Kit and I began to know first hand  the meaning of “love at first sight.” Close your eyes, imagine a place that exudes the very essence of romance, peace, tranquility and comfort. A place that you feel you could live in forever and yet it would still be brand new years later. From the moment we drove down Mystic's first street off of the busy highway, we both felt it. Each mile we traveled closer to the downtown area, the charisma, magnetism as well as the captivating heart and essence of this glorious town grew even stronger. This quaint community reminded me instantly of the awesome visions God had given me in our snug living room in Alexandria. Mystic CT Lighthouse There were so many sights to see, it was hard to know which way to look as Kit continued to travel through the village. We were charmed by the abundance of notable and celebrated homes adorned with the names of of the sea captains who once occupied them as they settled in Mystic as well as the historical seaports with tranquil still waters, becalming lighthouses and the tall ships along side the rustic docks on the famous Mystic River. I remembered as we continued to drive the very words the Lord had whispered to my spirit when He gave me all those visions.  "Come to the quiet” and “Come and rest.” Was this our place of rest Lord? Mystic was truly like a magical, fairytale experience. We felt that romance was Mystic Connecticut's middle name. It was absolutely enthralling. Not only romantic, it was mysterious, historical, peaceful and inviting but mostly UNFORGETTABLE!

     Mystic CT Grave Yard Whether it was the towns enigmatic graveyard nestled on a tiny bluff over looking the Mystic River, the Victorian homes with their immense wrap around porches, (like my mothers childhood home in the deep south) , the quaint streets with their remarkable old trees shading the roads like a ethereal parasol, antique shops, coffee pubs, tall ships, awe-inspiring lighthouses, the old Bascule drawbridge or the famous Mystic Pizza restaurant, it all whispered to and beckoned our hearts to “Come and stay...explore and be at home.”

      The Lord had never before taken Kit and I to such a hushed, unknown place of beauty like this. It was as if this fairytale town was hidden away from the world's view.  It owned such a unique charm and beauty unlike any other place we had ever seen. We truly were enamored within our spirits and souls as we continued to explore. Kit gave our 'travel route' to the Lord asking Him to direct our paths and sure enough, the Lord did just that. (I love the creativeness of the Lord and how He never misses a detail.) 

      Driving down Mystic's lively and animated Main street, Kit adventitiously made a sharp right turn. We found ourselves joyously coasting down a winding road nestled right next to Mystic River. We could not have taken a more scenic enchanting road if we had researched for hours and planned it ahead of time. As we turned the next corner, immediately an ambrosial home, nestled right beside the panoramic Mystic River at the roads end caught our eye. It looked like something right out of a romance novel, exuding a mysterious history and such a unique beauty, we could not help but stare. It reminded me of the home God showed me in the vision in 1997. As we traveled further down the road, I excitedly blurted out, “Honey, wouldn't it be something if this home was up for sale?”

“Wow Susan... I was just thinking the same thing.” Kit was grinning ear to ear.

  Sure enough, the closer we got to the home, we saw a very large “FOR SALE” sign on the front lawn.

      We must have looked quite conspicuous to many a neighbor as we circled the home several times. We didn't care as we were so caught up in the moment, both of us whispering our thoughts to the Lord in unison ... “ Oh Lord, could this be THE HOME? Your promised Kings Tavern? Is this why you have brought us to this magical land?”

      After our little expedition, we were ravenous so we drove over to Mystics sister town, the quaint and historical Stonington. The locals in Mystic had highly recommended an eatery there called The Skipper's Dock for its delicious fresh seafood and seafaring ambiance. Upon entrance, a rustic yet cozy bar with a fire roaring in the the fireplace greeted us as we came in out of the cold. Adjoined to this sylvan- like pub was a formal dining room with large windows over looking the bay and alas, Skippers Dock in Stonington CTanother snug fire burning, giving this austere room not only warmth but an abundance of added charm. The hostess seated us in the perfect spot right next to the window. To one side, we enjoyed the dancing of the white capped choppy waters as large gusts of wind blew across the Bay. Our other view? The mesmerizing amber flames in the fireplace that made us feel warm and cozy inside. We shared a glass of Chardonnay as we looked over the menu. The gentleman who had recommended this renowned eatery said; “You can't go wrong at this place no matter what you order. Everything on the menu is superb.” Kit and I split a lobster sandwich , some delectable seafood stew accompanied by steaming hot garlic bread that melted in our mouths! We were in seventh heaven.

      Sitting at our cozy table, looking out at the rough and bumpy waters with an array of various boats bobbing up and down sipping our wine, enjoying the golden flames of the robust fire, we felt in simple words, 'completely at home'. The food, ambiance of the restaurant, the town of Mystic and the rich anointing of the Lord that we both felt so heavily upon us was creating an excitement as well as an 'awe-wow factor' within our hearts and spirits. We asked the Lord together... “Is this WHY we have been feeling so disconnected from Washington DC and Alexandria? When you spoke New Haven, Connecticut, did you mean 'our new haven ' would be in Connecticut? Are you getting ready to move us again Lord? Did you have something specifically for us in the city of New Haven?” No, we were not trying to play 'fifty questions' with the Lord but boy, we did have so many. After our delightful lunch, Kit and I drove further up the coast to Rhode Island. We went exploring to see if we could find some of the chichi estates that were in the movie 'Mystic Pizza' in an area called Watch Hill.

      The afternoon had turned colder as a monstrous rain storm surprised us all making a grand appearance over the shore.   Kit parked our jeep beside a greenbelt area alongside the ocean. Across the street was a charming Inn where a Wedding reception was begin held. There is a storm coming....   Of all the days I thought  to have a wedding...blustery winds, heavy rain and dark brooding skies. We watched as all the guests were scurrying into the foyer of the elegant inn...all dressed up in their fancy gowns and tailored suits. Kit , Graham and I were nestled within the safety and shelter of our jeep, reveling in our front seat view of this magnificent autumn storm. We both agreed that it was the perfect time to go before the Lord and have a little 'pow wow'. We began to pray.

      Strange as it was, kit and I both had felt the anointing of the Lord leave us as we traveled over the state line into Rhode Island. We wondered why the anointing was so strong while we were in the  Mystic-Stonington area and if there was a symbolism to it's magnitude within our spirits. As we began praying, the Lord brought a passage, somewhat familiar, to our minds as He had given it to us during the earlier months when He was sharing His heart with us regarding our journey to the Kings Tavern. I had written it down in my journal, not understanding what it meant at the time. The passage read; “Make your requests known unto Me, ask what you will and it shall be granted.” As He spoke this to us again  we began searching our hearts to see exactly what the request, deep within our hearts was. It was if a light was turned on that very moment, shining brightly upon the very desire that was brimming over within both of our hearts. In unity, we knew it was only one thing. Yes God had placed it within us, we both knew it so we asked together before the Lord as we felt the wind blowing hard against our jeep and looked out at the crashing waves of the ocean before us. We believed that God Himself had lead us to this impressive village, the alluring seaport of Mystic. We had never even known of this engaging place. It was the voice of the Lord that had directed us here. He then opened our eyes to the town of Mystic... a place so beautiful and hidden away  that truly  mirrored the charm of a child's fairytale. Kit and I both could not deny the magnetic drawing we both had to Mystic. Then following, there was the heavy anointing of the Lord that had rested upon us ever since we had arrived to the seafaring village. We didn't believe that our coming upon the resplendent house by the river was a coincidence and the fact it was for sale was no fluke. It was all making sense, not just in our natural minds, hearts and emotions but there was a great witness within our and spirits. “OK Lord , we are ready to make our requests in faith!”

      It felt kind of strange, (so out of our league)  but feelings are just feelings. In faith and obedience  we requested the home, the new land and the finances to create, operate and host the Kings Tavern for as long as it was in our Fathers heart for us to do so. He had showed us many a times over the years that this home would have the finest of all things  for His kids who would come to stay. From the linens, crystal, to the cuisine, ambiance, guest ministers, teachers and daily activities, our guests would be richly blessed. His kids would feel pampered, refreshed and restored in great measure with their time spent at His Inn.  Kit and I could not dream up a more perfect home, community or location than the home by the river and  felt it was totally God!  We felt the Lords peace and we knew that we had obeyed His voice. We left our request in the hands of our father, knowing that no matter how He wanted to provide, He would.

     We decided to drive back to Mystic and see the house one more time before we headed back to Hartford. The hour was to late for us to make it back to New Haven in time to meet with Paul for our tour but somehow we had already come to know that God's words of New Haven, did not mean the actual city itself. It was more of a new abode, home, place of residence. (Ah, He did say ambiguous didn't He?) Low and behold, as we crossed over the state line,   this time entering Connecticut, the anointing of the Lord fell upon us once again....Hmm! It was all so magical!

      Our drive back to Hartford that night was very peaceful. Instead of stopping for dinner, we decided to drive straight through and order room service again. It was our last night in Connecticut and we hated the thought of leaving. It was as if Kit and I finally knew why God had brought us to New England. We remembered the Lords words; “What you come home with  overflowing within your hearts is the very reason I am sending you”...Ah our mystery was unraveled! The gift He had promised us was now in view. We were beyond elation and we could not stop thanking and praising the Lord for this new thread that was in play, creating such a beautiful tapestry of His work and purposes within our lives.

      Our last evening in Connecticut was just as wonderful as the ones that preceded. Get this... as the waiter delivered our dinner that night to our room, there was not two but 3 specialty entrees. When we inquired as to why, we were told that the chef felt he had overcooked one of our dinners so he made us an extra plate of one of  his signature  pasta creations.  All three dinners were superb and we were more than blessed with our smörgåsbord of delectable cuisine. Thank you Lord  and top  chef at The Holiday Inn in Hartford. 

      We rested that evening in such extraordinary peace, once again we felt like the three musketeers on one of their escalated adventures of discovery and awe. Our sleep was heavenly and we knew the Lord would once again direct our path the next day.

      Upon awakening and having breakfast we knew it was time to journey back to Alexandria. Our drive home went by so quickly as we were so caught up in the spirit of all that God had done on our short adventure.

      He had taken us to a place that was beyond any  of our expectations in it's beauty.  His anointing fell upon us the entire time we explored this entrancing land. He led us to a a home (by the water), looking much like the home in His vision to us in 1997 and it was for sale.We sat here so much, realy, almost this exact spot It was a dream...we could not have thought up a more grandiose setting or congenial style home as beautiful as this one was. Everything about the area fascinated us, drawing us like a magnet. The restaurants, people, river, shops, ports, cottages and dog  'barkery' were captivating. It was all definitely a God thing. We felt a drawing, rejuvenation and refreshing as God was reminding us of His call upon our lives. Our days in DC were over, it was time to come to the quiet and we were 'oh- so- ready'. We did not go looking for any of this...it was the Lord. 6 years after the call upon our lives it was Him, He was was bringing it all back to us. We were just so happy and thrilled to be a part of it. The faith to even journey to New England was from God and we would continue to trust Him for every little detail of His plan. We knew God could provide for it all if it was His heart to do so. Provision is nothing to God, whether big or small to us, it is all the same in His kingdom.

     Yes Lord...we say yes to it all...for with You all things are possible and it is You alone , your mighty arm that brings about all things for your glory!

      As we drove back through New York, New Jersey, and DE, we hardly took notice of all the entrancing sights of these magnificent states as the Lord was speaking to us in depth the whole way home . The 8 hours flew by us as Kit and I shared our excitement and thoughts. There was such a harmonious and melodic atmosphere within our car. We shared such peace and joy with the Lord as He continued to speak to us of our adventure in Mystic and what He had in store for our future. He brought about many passages to us...some familiar and a reminder, others new. He told us to read Isaiah 42, verses 6&7.

      “I the Lord have called you in righteousness And will hold Your hand: I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people, As a light to the gentiles, To Open blind eyes to bring out prisoners from the prison, Those who sit in darkness from the prison house."

      Our eyes welled up as He reminded us of what this home was going to be. A place where people would be set free, ministered to and loved on by the Lord Himself. God was sharing His very heart with us. He told us He had taken us to New England to reveal more of His plan to us and stir our hearts once again. The home on the river and magical village of Mystic were all breathtaking  but our real bliss and inspiration was the Lord Himself. Just the fact that He had called us, took us on this adventure and revealed all of this to us brought us to a place of pure reverie and excitement. At times we cried...then we would laugh, then we would talk a mile a minute. (OK maybe that was me talking, not Kit) but we were in a place with Jesus that was priceless, memorable and filled with awe. You know one of those places you NEVER want to leave!

      We arrived back to our home in Alexandria right about evening tide.  We unloaded our jeep with many a mixed feeling...happy to be home amongst our belongings and cozy home yet a part of us was back in New England, many a mile away in Mystic. There was ONE THING we KNEW for sure....God had begun this fascinating adventure and He would finish it...every single detail. We were excited, a little tired, hungry for a hot dinner and looking forward to the Lord's next revelation.




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